How to make a brilliant PowerPoint presentation design


PPT is known to be a game-changer when it comes to the design community, thinking of a designer’s life without PowerPoint will create a void which would take years to be filled by some other software of its kind.

It is a visual communication tool and therefore, you should take the time to learn tips and tricks to master it

The main reasons for this, especially for people in high-end businesses, is that your partners will make decisions about you based on the perceived attractiveness of your presentation.

To tackle that PowerPoint design service comes in handy for many professionals across disciplines.

Here are the tips to take you forward:

Custom designs

The point here is that something custom makes a more powerful statement. Partners are familiar with and use templates in PowerPoint and will know right away that you haven’t added any work to the aesthetics of the slides.

You may be thinking those default templates can work for you, then it is a mistake as you are doing the same thing as everyone else does.

To seem different one has to customise and bring a change in designs by using creativity and skills of a designer


We use text and photographs separately but if we can use them together it would change the whole layout of the presentation. It uses minimal text and lets the images do most of the talking. Doing this helps in engaging your audience which could have been yawning throughout the meeting in other cases.

Infographics help you channel the presentation in the way you desire and lets you communicate the message efficiently

Photographs are your best friend

Photography is one of the best ways to make your presentation look amazing. And it’s one of the best ways to make the presentation look amazing. Just because a white background image doesn’t necessarily mean a good image. Stop using bad or bad photos just to have something to put on the slide. Remember that not using an image at all is better than using a bad image.

Keep it short and simple

Non-designers often emphasize that they get the right kind of presentation, and for good reason. Typing is a great art form in the design world and can set the stage for what you want to say.

Remember that writing types can connect feelings, point in time, or any other material. Instead of browsing your font list and looking for “something cool,” consider the message you want to convey.

See the fonts below as an example of how a font can communicate because of its design. Old-style fonts often feel formal and functional while sans-serif fonts feel modern and clean.

Change template

Never start working on the default theme as they don’t bring any substantial value.

Most of the presentations which are appealing never use the default themes for the delivery, when the designer makes indigenous layouts it tends to stand out from the competition.

Granted, they’ve improved the offer in recent years and Keynote (Apple’s presentation software) has some great templates. However, you shouldn’t look at these as the way to go, but rather as the final steps if you need to create a presentation on a very short day.

Bottom line

Presentations have become really important in these times and to make the most of it PowerPoint design service is used there are many companies which specialise in PowerPoint presentation design and deliver the best-in-class presentations for your communication.

Polishing skills every now and then is favourable but meanwhile getting a professional help won’t hurt your design endeavours.