How to increase your followers on Instagram: 8 Ways


Instagram is one of the most popular social networks. There’s so much attention to capturing that it’s important for brands and individuals to build a broad following. Here are listed 8 tips to increase your followers on Instagram.

Use Hashtags

The user can increase the number of followers of his Instagram account by using the hashtag, hashtag, hashtag, or square mark, and it must be used with the pictures shared on Instagram, taking into account not to use more than 3 hashtags on one image, And not to be random and far from the content being published; It is possible to use user-specific words or use hashtags that are common on Instagram, and the most used ones can be found by resorting to some websites that allow the user to do so, such as the following site: Click here.

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Constantly publishing and choosing the right timing

An Instagram user can get a greater number of followers through continuous and periodic posting even once a week, and it is preferable not to post more than twice per day, and the publishing date must be adhered to maintain the account’s followers, and appropriate times must be chosen for the posting process on the account. , Which varies according to the user’s location.

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Hire some companies

A person who wants to increase the number of his followers on Instagram can use some companies that help with that, such as Instagress, a specialized company that automates some activities on the account, such as making likes on some people’s posts, commenting on their posts, and following up on their accounts when they do activities. Specific on Instagram, such as commenting on some shared pages while, and this will increase the number of followers of the user’s account.

Interact with other users

It is possible to obtain a larger number of followers on the Instagram account by interacting with and communicating with other users; Users will not follow the account of anyone who does not communicate with them and share their activities on Instagram, and it is possible to interact and communicate with these users by commenting on their various posts, responding to their comments, or following their pages.

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Link Instagram account to other accounts

One of the things that increases the number of the user’s followers on Instagram is linking his Instagram account with his other accounts on various social networks. This increases the share of your published content with more users of these networks, which increases the likelihood that these people will follow the user’s account.

Post High Quality Photos

A larger number of followers can be obtained on Instagram by increasing the percentage of likes and comments on the pictures posted on the account, for it is recommended to publish high-quality photos, and these pictures can be obtained through the use of a good photography camera, taking care to capture the image in a manner that adjusts the lighting and focus ( Focus) is true.

Enriching Profile

It is imperative to improve the profile and enrich it well to get more followers on Instagram, and this can be accomplished by following the following steps:

  • Defining the profile by adopting a subject and a general theme for the account that focuses on the content of the post, and indicates the identity of the user.
  • Identifying the user by adding his personal information in the CV fields, and adding any website of his own, or any other accounts on social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter.
  • Converting the privacy of the account to a public account, so using Instagram personally between the user and his friends leads to limiting the number of followers he has, so the account must be made public so that anyone is allowed to follow it; This is to increase the number of followers.

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Try and patience

The user must be patient and persistent to obtain a large number of followers on Instagram, and the user should not be lazy to reach this goal, as it is necessary to try many different strategies to increase the number of followers even if this is a bit slow, such as publishing good content On Instagram.