How to increase website traffic on a brand homepage?


Is social media the only way you know of promoting your brand? Well, your website and blog also play a vital role in brand campaign. To increase your engagement, you need visitors on your website. The more traffic you get, the more impactful will be your branding. From facilitating sales to engaging with the customers, a website supports in each step of the business growth. In order to grow as a business, it is essential to have a powerful online presence, and for a powerful online appearance you should devote some time to increase the web traffic. The following tips will help you to multiply the traffic substantially:

Scrutinize the Analytics data

Use a scrutiny tool such as Google Analytics to examine how you are doing statistically. Notice what kind of content is bringing more visitors. Analyze which product or service is liked the most. See if your target audience is visiting the site frequently. It is only a stepping stone in determining what to do next.  You can also observe which event or brand campaign poured in the maximum traffic.

Make an explainer video

One of the most promising ways to boost the traffic is explainer video creation. Put a short explainer video that clearly illustrates the products (or services) you deal with on the homepage of your website. People will be excited to see it and are more likely to visit it again and again. The effort and money that goes into the explainer video creation is negligible. It is a simple yet potent technique to advocate your brand. Having a visual element on the website allows people to distinguish you from other websites or brands.

Build a network

Connect more with people from your industry. Building a network with other bloggers, entrepreneurs and brand owners with whom you share interests. It not only provides a sense of community but also brings in a lot of traffic from their websites. The most significant benefit of networking is that it assists in guest blogging.

Guest blogging on other websites is a top-notch technique to leverage the market. But make sure to highlight your own website link by placing it in a separate table or column in the beginning of the blog, otherwise no one will visit your website. Building a network also comes in handy while inserting backlinks to your website.

Pay special attention to the keywords

Never underestimate the power of keywords! Using industry-specific keywords can fetch immense traffic to your website. Search for keywords in your particular niche with the help of a keyword generator application. Use those keywords more often and you will see traffic pouring in into your website.


Ads are the one of the oldest methods to monetize your website and sell your products (or services) online. Select your target audience to whom you want to show the advertisement. Your ad should reach those who are interested in that product. While deciding whom to show this advertisement to, consider email subscriptions. Hunt for those who have shared their information on social media platforms. Besides, pay heed to how your ad looks. People buy what they find attractive so choose a fascinating design; quality of the product comes later.

Write on blogospheres

The websites like Quora and Stack Exchange are blogospheres where writers and authors share their individual views freely. Start writing on these Q&A platforms and answer the queries of others. After some time of maintaining a presence, start adding website links to your answers.

If followed religiously and consistently, these tips will surely lead to an upswing in visitors to your website.