How To Go About Opening The Best Play School Franchise


The main aim of any business is to provide a solution to its end users. Very few businesses are such that earn back lot of respect, too, apart from money to the owner. The idea of opening a play school franchise in India is one such opportunity that helps business owners earn money as well as respect. Play school is the first interaction point with the outside world for any child. It is the place where child develops a sense of belonging, friendship and community living.

To open the best play school franchise in India, a business owner has to have ample starting capital and a property. Some of the steps involved in planning the play school and making it functional are:

  • Get brand consultancy from the noted player : An established school cannot afford to start a branch from scratch at all the places. It can, however, make itself more reachable through franchise. Thus, they look forward to providing support to such property holders who have property and vision same as the brand’s philosophy.
  • Plan about renovating property as per school’s branding guidelines : The best school franchise in India has to comply with the branding and property use guidelines to start with. The franchise owner can read the guidelines first and then approach the school authorities for a meeting. The property owner has to show property availability, budget, catchment area of the franchise, etc. to give something substantial to the brand to ponder over. Once both parties are on same page, the property owner can start with the renovation and transforming of property into a play school.
  • Attention to safety measures and child transportation : Once the property development plan is over, the best school franchise in India has to have child pick and drop facility from the nearby places. The franchise manager should define the catchment area and encourage parents to admit their child in the play school by adopting an effective marketing plan.
  • Marketing merchandise acquiring and use : The franchise can do good only when it has managed to reach the parents and touch the right chord. The parent school can guide the franchise owner about marketing merchandise development and give readymade materials like brochures, pamphlets, etc. Door-to-door promotion, and other methods in line with the brand’s philosophy are to be adopted to reach right audience.
  • Curriculum and activities planning : The school franchise can decide the nature of business as per the availability of staff and resources. Some can propose to run day boarding play school, or others may have limited hours arrangement. The franchise can also take help of main school’s curriculum and activities planner to show to parents how their establishment can be a turning point in the child’s growth.

So, these are a few steps related to planning and execution of play school franchise business plan. The prospective franchise owner has to meet the expectations of main brand on various points to get the approval for this venture.