How to Find Good Quality Cabinets for The Kitchen on A Budget?


New kitchen cabinets can eat up a good amount of the kitchen remodeling project. If you’re looking for a full-service cabinet package – from designing and planning to shipping and installation, you might have to spend almost half of your budget. If you don’t want to make it happen, there are ways to lessen your financial burden.

Tips to find budget kitchen cabinets

To find budget cabinets, you need to shop around and be a bit vigilant. Look for the right supplier that offers discount cabinets, opt for low-cost material, and apply some DIY hacks. These are all to slash the cabinet bill to a considerable level. However, this is not something easy. In this unique game on finding inexpensive cabinets, you should be tenacious, nimble, and last but not the least, competitive.


Bartered, free or cheap furniture from lists or groups

Buyers of new cabinets usually have a pesky issue to deal with. And that is disposing of their existing cabinets. Sending hundreds of dollars of MDF, plywood, or man-made materials to the solid waste station is not at all eco-friendly. Also, this disposal is messy and costly. Cabinet owners praise the individual who satisfies their requirements. And as a potential receiver, you must respond promptly and promise to come back soon. You need to load the used cabinets at your own cost without any hassle or drama. However, it would be great if the owner has already removed them from the kitchen. This barter game can be a great way to get cheap and sometimes even free though used kitchen cabinets.


Places to get such furniture

  • Craigslist for free or sale – Keep checking local Craigslist for sale/barter section. You are very likely to get cabinets of your choice from there. However, the quality can differ from the photos. So, visit the owner’s home to check the condition. Owners don’t usually prefer their furniture to hand out to the commercial people who browse Craigslist to find such cabinets to refurbish and accordingly re-sell. It would be good to contact the owner fast. The person may prefer to sell their existing cabinetry to you. Used furniture can be easily painted. So don’t be skeptical if the piece is used.
  • Facebook marketplace –Goods available on Facebook marketplace usually come at an affordable cost – sometimes even at a cost of a bartered item. Communities covered by this marketplace are not so granular as with Facebook local groups though they are typically within your same metro area or city.
  • Commercial salvage yard – At these well-curated places, you will get the best of the castoff home décor elements. These are the places where pieces of the houses go to find a new destiny. Flooring, sinks, mirrors, bathtubs, wall paneling as well as other home elements including used cherry kitchen cabinets might be available here. Of all cheap sources of cabinets, architectural yards have the highest cost. Workers and owners try to know about the value of the goods and mark the costs accordingly.

You can see that finding inexpensive kitchen cabinets is not a big deal. All you have to be aware of the places where you might find them.