How To Create An Effective Sales Funnel For Your Services?


To implement a marketing and sales strategy, it is important to have a relevant and well-structured sales funnel. This will allow you to present and promote your products and/or services with a view to obtaining a better conversion rate. We also talk about a sales funnel.

It is generally digital marketing that is in charge of these actions deployed in the company. It can be supported by community management to develop the strategic part related to social networks. Thanks to the management of communities operated by a community manager, he can detect possible prospects and direct them to the sales funnel deployed on the company’s site.

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Now let’s see what a sales funnel is and what are the different leverages to activate to make it effective.

Sales Funnel

What Is A Sales Funnel?

If you want your company’s business strategy to be effective and achieve its goal, you absolutely need to develop a sales funnel. This is a process of converting an Internet user into a real customer.

Some business leaders prefer to isolate the term sales funnel or marketing funnel because they consider it too mechanical to describe the stages in the maturation of prospects.

These stages make it possible to define the different stages of awareness, from the need to the act of purchase.

Tools and solutions, in particular marketing automation, make it possible to develop scenarios to better convert Internet users into customers. They thus make a sales funnel more efficient.

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We talk about lead generation within B2B companies, or how they are led to generate leads and increase their performance in digital business.

There are also many companies specializing in lead generation, which then resell them to various companies with a view to converting them into customers.

Running An E-Mailing Campaign

A marketing email tunnel is a sequence of emails sent according to a predefined schedule, that is, built around a scenario, to prospects with a view to converting them into customers. Once you’ve tracked your email performance, you can optimize and fine-tune your email campaign for better performance. At this stage, KPIs – Performance indicators should be defined.

Don’t think of email marketing just as a tool to send out simple bundles to your prospects, you won’t achieve good results. To carry out your campaigns, it will be essential for you to automate and personalize the sending of your emails. Target the right people at the right time, with the right content!

The principle of scenarios is multiple and can be programmed via dedicated solutions. If a person opens your email, it can trigger another to go further in the commercial process. Conversely, if the email has not been opened, you can trigger a reminder or a more personalized message. The campaigns are sometimes coupled with advertising SMS, making it possible to deliver offers to improve conversion.

Use Copywriting

Copywriting in a sales funnel is all about producing the right words or phrases that move prospects forward in the process. We are talking about setting up the right wording!

Internet users can be encouraged to share their email addresses and ultimately become loyal, long-term customers. We can make comparisons, offers at discounted prices, limited-time offers, international product shipping at discounted prices, etc. A well-written sales funnel captures a constant flow of prospects and turns them into customers, or even fans of your business.

Creating a sales funnel is straightforward, but setting up a system that drives sales requires great finesse. At each step of the process, the customer’s motivations, their relationship with your business, and their emotions can change.

Compelling copywriting created for a funnel will use language that elicits a response or reaction from the reader. Depending on its position in the tunnel, the goal is to move it forward to the next stage.

Use Call-To-Actions (Cta)

The call-to-action in your sales funnel is what gets people to take action. This is usually an instruction that captures your visitor’s attention, piques their interest, exploits their desires, and leads them to provide you with information. CTA can convert customers massively, but only if you know how to do it.

Everything that precedes your calls to action (a well-chosen text, your images, a shocking title, the sales pitch…) is a staging. Whether or not the user converts is entirely up to your CTA button. No matter how good your sales funnel is before you get to your CTA, if it doesn’t elicit the expected action, there will be very few conversions.

CTAs can take different forms such as: downloading a white paper or an application, privileged access, requesting a phone call, discovering a unique offer, etc.

Use Social Networks

If social networks are an important part of your marketing strategy, you can integrate publications at every stage of your sales funnel. Depending on the platforms you use, you can guide your audience through the customer journey in a structured way.

The sales funnel works as a whole. When each section leads to specific goals, friction in the journey is reduced, creating a customer journey that can build trust with your audience and increase awareness of your business or brand.

Use A Facebook Landing Page

Instead of redirecting your target to your website, your Facebook ad can for example lead your target to a Facebook landing page, which contains a tab from your business page. It doesn’t matter if they like your ad or are interested in your product, sending customers to a website they don’t recognize may confuse them.

It is therefore recommended to use a third-party provider or publisher of landing pages integrated with Facebook, which will allow you to easily design a template and upload it (in one click) to your Facebook page.

In Conclusion

As you can see, setting up a sales funnel is far from being so simple if we refer to the scenario part to set up. It is essential to have technical skills, such as in digital marketing. Training in the use of marketing automation tools and solutions is generally provided by publishers.

As part of a sales funnel, it will also be essential to create relevant content to capture the attention of prospects in order to convert them into customers. Here, companies can call on external service providers or agencies, who will be responsible for creating the virtual platforms essential to the sale of a service and who will design the appropriate content.

These are just a few techniques that can be used for this purpose. However, depending on each company, adjustments will have to be made to produce relevant results and always achieve better performance from its actions.