How to be careful about pregnancy in the times of COVID -19


How to be careful about pregnancy in the times of COVID-19 : Pregnancy is an exciting but also a very stressful phase of your life. Your mind always plays around with a millions of questions and concerns which are sometimes mild and sometimes very serious.

The main question here is how illness affects the baby while you’re pregnant. You should always keep your doctor informed if you have any fever during pregnancy because certain viruses can affect your baby’s health. Examples include:

• cytomegalovirus (CMV)

• varicella-zoster

• Zika virus

• rubella

• parvovirus B19

• herpes


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In the end of 2019, a new virus had shaped the world scene into something terribly nasty and spread rapidly: a novel coronavirus, responsible for the respiratory disease COVID-19.

But before you panic, read on. Here is a list of understandings about this deadly virus. If you are pregnant, it’s a must read. Here are some symptoms which pregnant or breastfeeding women need to be aware of?

COVID-19 is mainly a respiratory disease. The most common are (it might be generic, if you are pregnant or not):

• cough

• fever

• shortness of breath

• fatigue

Other symptoms include:

• chills, which can sometimes occur alongside repeated shaking

• sore throat

• headache

• loss of smell or taste

• muscle aches and pains

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You need to call your doctor if you face of these symptoms if you are pregnant, or if anyone around you is having such symptoms, you should visit the hospital immediately. It is important to get tested, but it’s very important to give your doctor advance knowledge of COVID symptoms so you are given a special and isolated treatment. It is better for other patients as well as their staff. Until you get through this, calculate our support

In difficult times, we at Gaudium IVF, Best IVF centre in Delhi are with you.

How dangerous is it for a pregnant woman?

Again, because the virus is just a few months old, there’s little data to go on. But experts can pull from the past.  And if you have high fever in the very first trimester of pregnancy, covid or not, it can lead to birth defects.

OK, take a deep breath. We know that sounds super scary. But don’t worry. But all the news isn’t dire, especially once we check out pregnant women who have delivered while sick with this particular virus.

Can the virus spread to my baby during pregnancy or childbirth?

According to experts at Gaudium IVF, top IVF center in Delhi, the ladies who have born while infected with this coronavirus, the solution is perhaps that it’s unlikely.

• Stand 6 feet away from people.

• Avoid touching your T- AREA i.e., face,  mouth, eyes, and nose.

• Stay out of large crowds.

• Take care of yourself. Eat well. Get enough rest. Exercise if your doctor says it’s OK.

A healthy body always a  better option to be able than a run down one to ward off all kinds of diseases.

Take care you beautiful ladies!