How Much Does it Cost to Change Your Name in India?

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It will cost around INR 700/- for the name change process while issuing a public notice will cost approximately INR 900/-. Applicants can make the payment either via cash or by a Demand Draft or Indian Postal Order. In such a case, the DD and PO must be drawn in favor of the following entity – Controller of Publication, Department of Publication, Civil Lines, Delhi-54.


1. First and foremost, applicants will have to obtain a stamp paper of the required value. 

2. The affidavit should state: your father’s name, your place of residence, your present name, and your new name

3. Next, the applicant will have to contact the offices of a leading newspaper in your locality and advertise your intention to change your name. In such a case, you will have to provide details of your current name, address, new name, and your father’s or husband’s name. 

4. After this is done, you will have to get your new name printed in the Official Gazette. Details in the form below.

5. Next, applicants will have to send an application to The Controller of Publication, Department of Publication, Civil Lines, Delhi-54 requesting him to publish the above advertisement for a change of your name. The list of documents to be enclosed is mentioned in the Documents section below.

6. In case of a minor the name change form has to be filled up by the parents

7. Once the name is published, a copy of the gazette has to be attached when applying for other government documents (passport, pan card, etc)

Required Documents

• Attested affidavit

• The document that was prepared to show your and two witnesses signatures

• Two passport size photographs

• The advertisement published in the newspaper regarding the name change. 

• The charge for printing such a publication indicating the change of name is INR 700/-, and the issuing of public notice will cost an additional INR 900. Applicants can make the payment either via cash or by a Demand Draft or Indian Postal Order. In such a case, the DD and PO must be drawn in favor of the following entity – Controller of Publication, Department of Publication, Civil Lines, Delhi-54.

• Applicants will have to pay INR 2300, which also includes the charges of airmail if they wish to advertise their name change in the Gazette of India for those living abroad. 

• Additionally, applicants will receive two extra copies of this Gazette if they pay an additional amount of INR 35/- per copy.

• Additionally, applicants can submit the required supporting documents and make the payment in cash by visiting in person.

• In case they are being sent, applicants must take care to ensure that the documents are not over a year old. Also, once they are sent, no documents will be returned and hence applicants must keep the copies or originals that they need with them rather than sending them along.

• Aadhaar Card

In case the applicants change their name to one of a different religion, they will have to produce an affidavit authorised by the SDM indicating they have not changed their religion. Such an affidavit and advertisement will cost the applicant INR 900. Additionally, if the name change is due to a change in the religion, then a separate advertisement regarding that will also have to be published in the newspaper. Also, it will require the applicant to produce and prepare a document that must be signed by two adult witnesses.


            There are a plethora of reasons why someone might wish to change their name. The name change is usually required after marriage when the surname needs to be adjusted on documents such as passports. 

Processing Time

              The entire process might take around six months and the applicant might have to visit local offices a couple of times during this interval. The trips to the local offices will be required as the applicant will have to drop off supporting documents and get some of them attested. Also, every step along the way might require certain processing fees as per the local authorities. 


                All NRI applicants who wish to change either their first name or surname or both, are required to place advertisements regarding the same in prominent newspapers from their country of residence. They will also have to place a similar advertisement in a prominent daily that is popular in the area of their permanent Indian residence. Original clippings of both these advertisements in the newspaper must be furnished at the time of applying for a name change. Additionally, applicants will also have to submit an affidavit in a prescribed format as per the requirements of their local authorities. This will also be needed whenever an applicant applies for a new passport after changing their name.

Required Information

• Your name is listed on the birth certificate or immigration or citizenship documents.

• In case you want to change your name, the Full name you wish to change

• Date of birth

Place of birth

• Marital status and further details regarding the same

• Places of stay or residence for the last three months

• Address for Correspondence

Need for the Document:

In case you are using a name that is different from your name in legal records, no rule mandates you must legally change your name. However, it is advised that you do so officially so that there is evidence that your name has been changed. Additionally, an official name change ensures that all your identification documents will carry the changed name. 

Name change essentially is a process or legal act by which an individual adopts a name that is different from the one they were given at birth or adoption. The exact procedure for facilitating a name change varies from one local jurisdiction to another but follows certain guidelines.

If you are 18 years of age (for minors, see below) and want to change your name in India, you will have to advertise the same in a leading local daily. Several organisations, countries, or states might necessitate a name change because it does not allow or follow the format of your current name. In certain cases, the applicant might prefer to adopt a new name for a personal reason. However, the only thing that matters is that it is perfectly reasonable and legal to change your name if you wish to do so.

It’s always better to take the help of a legal consultant for a name change in India