How IB board schools help in preparing your ward for global competition


IB board diploma program is an internationally acclaimed program which is expanded as International Baccalaureate program. It is a rigorous course that lays focus on boosting insightful thinking, logical reasoning and decision making abilities. The structure of program is also conducive to collaborative thinking and leadership skills development so that the students excel wherever they go. 

Meaning of IB board diploma program

IB diploma program is a global education-intensive program that is aimed at building the critical thinking, authoritative skills and team management abilities in the students 16 to 19 years old.  With the help of practical teaching, projects work and adherence to norms of world level education, IB international schools prepare the students for global platforms and make it easy for them to get admissions in the best schools and universities of the world.

Subjects offered under IB board

IB board program is designed to ensure all-round development of the students. The subjects are categorized as:

  1. Studies in language and literature – It is helpful in improving proficiency in native languages like English and Hindi
  2. Language Acquisition – The students get to learn a foreign language like German, Spanish, French or also allows advanced learning of English and Hindi. There are various IB international schools in India where students from foreign countries come to study. English and Hindi language acquisition program is designed to suit the needs of these foreign students.
  3. Individual and Societies – This portion is dedicated to developing expertise in any of the areas of study such as History, management, Information Technology, Psychology, Economics and so on. Most of the learning is focused on understanding the relevance and utility of these subjects in global scenario.
  4. Arts – This is for the students who are interested in dramatics, theatre, visual arts and so on
  5. Sciences – Environment systems and Society, all science subjects, computer science and others.

Apart from these, Mathematics is also a discipline that is offered to the students interested in numbers.

Assessment modules 

The students are assessed for their proficiency in the subject through theoretical tests. Some weightage of marks is assigned to projects and practical exams also. Through this knowledge checking system, students are able to qualify most of the entrance exams and become eligible for the best schools and universities of the world. 

Other facilities

IB schools have certain quota for foreign students also. They provide fully residential school facility to students under knowledge exchange programs run between two countries. The day boarding school searchers can also look up to these schools for the facility.  

Many parents are working full time. They need day boarding school where their kids stay in safe hands and learn something after school too. IB schools have infrastructure to support such parents. They engage students in sports, music and other hobby classes of their choice after school while taking care of their food and resting needs.

IB schools, thus, offer full support to the students by shaping them constructively and on all aspects through curriculum, facilities and extra-curricular activities.