How About Page Can Attract Potential Clients to Your Business


When it comes to creating a solid marketing plan, you must have a website, target audience, products and services, and powerful ways to attract people to your business. Although you invest in paid marketing campaigns, the website is a crucial tool to communicate with your audience about who you are, what you do and how you are better than your competitors. You all give a too much emphasis on product pages and in amid of all that you forget that About Page is equally important.

For many entrepreneurs, writing this page is never easy although it is not rocket science to create a simple, straightforward and exceptional About Page. You may have never realised it but About Page indeed helps you connect with your audience.

It highlights selling points of your story and leaves a strong impression on your target audience. If anyone wants to know about your business, they will have to read the About Page.

When a user lands your website, they read the About Page to know what you do, but unfortunately, this page is not excellently written that users lose interest in your brand and switch to your competitors. To create the perfect About Page, you should avoid the following mistakes:

Your About Page just explains about yourself

When you read the About Pages, you will find that they all consist of more or less the same information. They tell about business owners. Your About Page does not have to just focus on you. It should be about the person you are targeting.

You should focus on how you solve the problems of users. You should tell people why they should read it. Try to talk about the problems you can solve and how you can solve them. You will have to explain why they should visit your site on and on and buy your products and services.

Not using video

Most of the entrepreneurs use only text to describe all details within about 300 words, and that text generally consists of tedious and monotonous information. As long as you are not creating a personal blogger where you just share your experiences, you should include those things that are worth knowing for your target audience.

As you know users want to know about yourself quickly and interestingly, video can be a good idea to include in your About Page. Most visitors do not like to spend 6 to 10 minutes to find out who you are and what you can do to solve their problems.

This is why you should include a video too. Make sure that the video is short and include all necessary information that an About Page must-have. If you use a combination of text and video, you can create an impressive page. Note that the video and text should have the same information. Otherwise, it will make the page redundant.

Not introducing call-to-action

Just tell your readers that what you do and how you can help them does not make an About Page effective. If you want them to take the desired action, you will have to introduce a call-to-action. Of course, your purpose is to encourage them to buy a product or service rather than just telling them who you are.

Ask yourself where you want to send your visitor after they have read your About Page. It can be a blog or a product page. Whatever it is, make sure that the page where users land after clicking call-to-action offers value.

Every page of your website has a role in converting your prospects into sales, and the About Page is no exception. So think carefully how you can introduce it to this page and which page your will link to it.

Not using emotional driven words

An impactful About Page is one that helps users connect with your brand, and here diction comes in. You will have to be very careful with the choice of words. You should use a set of phrases that evoke emotions and use a conversational tone.

For instance, use “help” instead of “assist” because help seems to be more emotion-evoking word. You can get a lot of emotionally driven words online. Use them in your About Page. Check out other About Pages to get an idea of how they are written and what kind of words have been used to connect with the audience.

About Page plays a paramount role to make your marketing plan work for you. This tells your users who you are and what you are. Even if they know about your business from a marketing campaign, they will read this page to know about your brand.

Make sure that you have not compromised with it at any level. If possible, try to take the help of a marketing expert. If you do not have enough money to fund this cost, you can take out urgent loans in Ireland.