Here’s Why the Asus ROG PHONE 5 Can Become a Gamer’s Delight!


Asus’ sub-brand ROG or Republic of Gamers is an offshoot that makes computers, phones, and accessories especially meant for high performance that gamers need. These devices sport the best hardware possible to deliver a cutting-edge gameplay experience. With its latest entry into the ROG lineup of smartphones, the ROG Phone 5 was launched on 10th March 2021 with three variants. We’ll explain the form and functions of all three phones as well as their prices so you can decide if you want to purchase them. Also Read: Asus ZenFone 8 and Asus ZenFone 8 Flip launched with Snapdragon 888 and 16GB RAM

Basic Asus ROG PHONE 5 Specifications

aus rog phone 5

Talking about ASUS rog phone 5 specs, The common feature between all three models is their Snapdragon 888 processor. It is the strongest mobile processor currently available in the market.

Other than that, all three models sport the same 64-megapixel triple camera setup, including a 13-megapixel wide-angle camera, and a 5-megapixel macro camera. The selfie camera is powered by a 24-megapixel sensor.

The phones also have a 144 Hz Samsung AMOLED display panel that is 23 percent brighter and punchier than the ROG Phone 3. The front panel is protected by Corning Gorilla Glass Victus that gives it scratch and shatter resistance.

The phone’s processor can get very hot during continuous gaming, so to prevent high temperatures and thermal throttling, the ROG Phone 5 features the Gamecool 5 technology. This uses copper piping and vapor chambers to dissipate the heat away from the processor.

All phones run on Android 11, have two sim slots, and support a 5G network on several bands.

Even the headphone jack that was scrapped in the ROG Phone 3 sees a much welcome return.

Other connectivity options include Bluetooth 5.0, Wi-Fi 6, and 4G LTE. The phone has two USB-C ports for charging, one on the side of the phone and the other at the bottom.

The phone has two front-firing stereo speakers that have impressive volume, deep bass tones, and clear mids and highs. A pogo pin is present beside the side USB-C port for plugging in the accessories such as the gamepad and the external cooler.

The RAM and ROM of the phone start at 8GB/128GB for the ROG Phone 5, 12GB/256GB for the ROG Phone 5 Pro, and a whopping 18GB/512GB for the ROG Phone 5 Ultimate.

All phones have a 6000 mAh battery that supports up to 65 watts of fast charging.

Air Triggers

A unique point of ROG Phone that makes it special for gamers is the Air Trigger technology. There are two capacitive sensors on the side of the phone that can be used as extra buttons, similar to the shoulder buttons R1/L1 on console controllers. This provides a lot of utility across multiple games and is especially useful for eSports players who get an added advantage.

In this year’s version, there are also two additional Air Triggers in the back of the phone, that are available with the ROG Phone 5 Pro, and Ultimate models. These Air Triggers can be set as macros to click on any part of the screen, and can also be bound as shortcuts to open apps or perform tasks.


The ROG Phones are known for their unique gamer-centric design that has sharp angles and aggressive colors. This design theme puts them quite apart from most other phone brands of that price segment. This year, the ASUS ROG Phone 5 has turned up the gamer factor of the more mature and muted ROG Phone 3, sporting a pixel art backlit ASUS ROG logo, which is customizable with 8 colors and 2 colors gradients as well.

Further, the Pro and Ultimate model also comes with a PMOLED matrix display on the back instead of the logo. This screen can play anything you set onto it as a wallpaper, and can also reflect the phone functions such as notifying about receiving a call. The Pro model has a colored screen while the Ultimate has a monochromatic screen that better fits with the aesthetic. The ROG Phone 5 doesn’t have any teardrop, punch-hole, or wide chin notch unlike most phones nowadays. The front camera within the sleek top bezel.

The base and the Pro model come in the Phantom Black and Storm White Color options, and the sim card port is plugged with a sign in red that reads “GLHF” which is a term often used by gamers to say “Good luck, Have fun” to their friends. On the Ultimate, this port cover is blue. Similarly, the Ultimate model has a different color scheme. It has a matte white body along with bright blue accents. This design allows it to pop out in front of not just other ROG Phones but also the common flagship phones.


There are two main accessories that are compatible with the Asus ROG Phone 5 series. Both of them come pre-packaged with the Ultimate edition but are sold separately from the base and Pro model. The first is the Aero Active Cooler 5, which serves as a plug-in fan. It is plugged into the pogo pin port beside the USB-C. Its main function is to cool the phone for continuously long gaming sessions. The cooler has been optimized to drain very little battery, and the difference in sustained performance in thermals is very noticeable.

Source: gsmarena

The second is the ROG Strix Go headset. It is a gaming headset that can be connected to the phone via Bluetooth or the 3.5mm headphone jack. It comes with noise-canceling technology that produces heavenly audio experiences. The headset aims to give a minimal input lag gaming audio setup.

Asus ROG Phone 5 Price of in India

Asus mobiles have considerably captured the e-commerce platform and nowadays you can buy Asus phones online at lucrative prices and great discounts! Now for those who want to buy the ROG Phone 5, the offline prices start at 799 Euros for the ROG Phone 5, 1,199 Euros for the Asus ROG Phone 5 Pro, and 1,299 for the ROG Phone 5 Ultimate. The ROG Phone 5 is a behemoth of a performance phone. Although it is specifically built for a very specific niche market for gamers, one cannot deny the robust build and engineering that Asus has provided with this year’s launch!