Growth during and post Covid-19: A thread


The pandemic due to Covid-19 is as fatal for the growth of the business all around the globe, as it is for people. Businesses today are struggling hard to keep themselves going while at the same time being sensitive to the health of the society as well. While it is quite improbable for the businesses of every shape and size, all around the globe to make a proposition for survival and growth post Covid-19 and even during now, one thing that all of us agree to at large is the role of the digital media industry in India and worldwide, which is bound to grow multi fold.

Digital Media in India and worldwide carries the responsibility of connecting with the consumers on the ground level, making them aware of the brand from time-to-time and strengthening its position in the market. This responsibility is already seeing a steep growth and will continue to do so for brands will need to reposition themselves after the pandemic.

The onset of this pandemic witnessed a growth in the number of people living the social world with around 3.80 billion people spending their majority of time eyeing social platforms.

Online traffic has shown a spike of about 30% during these months of quarantine which also increased the importance of online channels, thereby digital agencies.

It has always been a key pillar of consideration for brands to be sensitive towards the growth and health of society, in which they operate. This increases the trust of consumers in the brand thereby helping the brand shape their growth. As such, social media plays a very crucial part in translating the activities and products of a brand for the benefits of society as a whole. This relationship of a brand and social media is expected to run on the same path in today’s world as well, but what should be the strategy adopted by them in order to communicate themselves appropriately with consumers? This needs through market research and appropriation. Marketeers at this point of time should take necessary steps to optimize their services and technologies in order to come out as thought leaders, helping their partner brands to grow.

How to make your business thrive and the role of Digital Marketing?

  • Reevaluate your goals : There is no doubt that a brand’s communications and goals are strategized over a long period to adhere to the right set of the target audience. However, the times have changed a lot recently, and every company, every brand should take out considerable time to reevaluate their brand’s core messaging and therefore, goals. This is where marketing and advertising industries step in, especially the digital media industry. The agency handling your digital communications should help you in reassessing several questions as is the core message and tonality of communication still relevant during these times? What exactly does society need to hear at this point? Is your communication delivering the required message? Are the consumers in immediate need of your deliverables? All of these questions pose a good deal of threat to the growth plan of your brand and hence, should be carefully examined. This is the time when a brand should consider revisiting the budget plans on the marketing mix. The part of an agency here is to help its partner brand dial the correct communication, making the brand stand out as society sensitive and the brand’s critical contribution as the core.
  • Communicate the relevant : Each brand has a long emailing list consisting of potential or existing consumers. While many brands are committing an error of rolling out emails, that do not contain any relevant information in an already over-messaged scenario. You can very well send out a message on coronavirus and important facts, but it is the duty of your digital agency to make sure that the message in those emails is worthy and answers the questions of the society. If you do not have any information that can make the message count, it is rather advisable to stay silent for a while. Apart from this, a brand should ask his agency to undertake the tedious task of market automation to understand how often their communication should hit the consumers, as too often or too little occurrence of communication can both harm the identity of the brand in the eyes of the consumers.
  • Use this time to your maximum advantage : Although the majority of the brands have started their selling spree online as well for long, there still are few who use traditional methods of sales, namely offline selling. This is the time when agencies should step in to help their brands in understanding the importance of digital selling and push them to start it as well. With brands already selling in the digital environment, they can benefit from it by coming forward with campaigns that reward online shopping from them, while at the same time communicating the advantage of shopping online during the pandemic. The digital agencies can help their brands by using the information of the brand’s loyal consumers and converting them into online conversions. Since it is tough times for everyone, a dose of personal touch in both communication and delivery of goods by the brand will go a long way. Digital PR, social platforms, and performance SEO will pave new ways of success and growth for the brands, in regard.
  • Experiment with your inbound marketing : As we stated above, the number of people available online has increased at an impeccable speed and this will continue to grow. This has resulted in the growth of traffic on websites and social channels. Now this situation poses a question to the brands, which is, are you ready to face more consumers actively searching your business? Are you prepared to welcome the consumers who are making a visit on your website via paid search and SEO techniques? You can either start your guesswork to avail answers to these questions or take the help of your digital agency to assist you to experiment with your inbound marketing methods. This will include your website, videos, communications, chatbots, etc, created for a line of search journeys. The next line is the questions like, is your business easy to find by the users using search engines? Does your website contain sufficient answers and information related to current scenarios? Is your website on voice search ranking? Brands should take this time to solve all of these questions with precision, to add a step in their ladder towards growth.
  • Regular Analysis : With pandemic and quarantine, people have a lot of time under their sleeves to spend online, and as such new trends have seen tremendous growth on a daily basis. This has made data analysis and its reporting extremely crucial for brands so as to keep their feet on the ground at all times. The types of pages and searches that consumers are visiting often, their search pattern, their queries, all can help in tuning the communication that they wish to see and therefore, can help the brands in adjusting their messaging accordingly. These tough times require smart ideas in terms of creativity and marketing. The brands should make the most of it redefining their target audience and churning out the piece of information that they so often wish to achieve.

Today, when people are performing social distancing so drastically they are connected more compactly online, paving way for the brands to knit their growth stories around them. Brands who are looking for survival and growth, should make most of this pattern and help introduce certain measures as well as strategies that can help them in achieving their goals.