Google to shut down photo store service for free from June 1


Google Photos, which has hitherto allowed unlimited photos, will cease its free service from June 1.  Instead, they will need to pay to use the higher storage service once their Google account has 15GB of free storage.

So far Google Photo users have been able to store High Quality Images less than 16 MB unlimited. But, it is no longer possible. However, if your account’s 15GB storage is still outstanding, you have nothing to worry about. This policy only applies to those whose 15 GB quota is already empty. Another important point to note here is that the ‘High’ quality and ‘Express’ quality images uploaded before 1 June will have no problem even if they exceed 15 GB. However, if the photo was uploaded on June 1 in ‘Original’ quality it will be considered under your 15 GB quota of your account

If anyone wants to upload photos on their phone or computer before June 1, they can follow this procedure. In your Google Photos app, click on the profile icon. Then select the photo setting for it. This allows you to select the Upload Size by Backup and Sync option. You can back up your photos by selecting ‘High’ quality and ‘Express’ quality in the upload size.

If you have any unnecessary photo, video or file on 15 GB of storage in your account, delete it using Google One and increase the storage. You can delete more photos simultaneously using the free up account storage option in the Storage tab of Google One App.

According to data provided by Google, Blur, which has been uploading 15GB of storage, will soon launch a self-identifying tool with low-light or low-quality photos. This allows users to delete unwanted photos in less time.

Here is the answer to what can be done if storage cannot be increased or backed up before June 1. The following cloud storage services are available free of charge to customers. Flickr, 500px, Imgur, Free Image Hosting.

Here are other storage options that allow for up to 30GB (not all) of free photo storage and then charge more storage

Photobucket – 2GB Free
Amazon Prime Photos – Available with Amazon Prime Subscription
Drop Box
– 2GB Free iCloud – 5GB Free
Microsoft OneDrive – 5GB Free
ImageShack – 30GB Free