Good news for Apple lovers: Discounts on iPhone 12s 9,000 rupees


The number of online shoppers is increasing day by day, and people are eagerly waiting for great offers on shopping websites. Some people instinctively book their favorite mobiles and other products on these online shopping websites as soon as they see the discount.

Now, once again, Amazon and Apple Days Sale have come up with a huge discount of Rs 9000 on its price if you want to pick up the iPhone 12.

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This huge discount is only in India and if you buy the iPhone 12 here you can get this huge discount at the real price of Rs 70,900 on Amazon. Amazon also said that if you have an HDFC credit card and use the iPhone 12, you will get a discount of Rs 6000.

This huge discount is available under Amazon Apple Days Sale, and other discounts are also available on Apple products. According to Amazon, the Apple Days Sale will also be available at iPhone 12 Series, iPhone 11 Series, iPad Mini, MacBook Pro, and other Apple company products.

The Apple Days Sale has already begun and it is said that it will continue until July 17th. Amazon has launched the Apple Days Sale, which offers a wide range of discounts on Apple products. It is worth noting that this discount was available on the iPhone 12 just two weeks before the iPhone 13 launches in India.

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The iPhone 13 also claims that the iPhone 12 has been upgraded with some of its features. That being said, there is no doubt that the iPhone 12 is still people’s favorite iPhone for many days. People often buy the iPad mini, MacBook Pro in the mail, and buy EMI through credit and debit cards.