Give Children the best learning opportunity through the Play School Franchise in Chennai


Children in the ages 2 to 4 years get influenced easily by people around them. Thus, it becomes crucial for parents to encourage good values and etiquettes in their children. It is important so that children imbibe good habits early on in their life. However, in the fast-paced life, parents lack time to devote to their kids, as both are working. 

It is high time that they look for the best preschool franchise to help them in giving a better environment to their child while they are not around during the day time. 

Why Opt for the best preschool franchise?

To offer the best environment and early care for the child, it is important for the parents to look for a good play school franchise in Chennai. Working parents find play schools as the safest bet when it comes to a good alternative to home care. 

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If you are planning to open a play school franchise in Tamil Nadu, it is an investment-friendly plan. It gives you a chance of being your own boss as you understand what is required where and you can manage the work on your own with good help and steady support from a reputed franchise.. Moreover, opening a franchise play school means the risk is low and the ROI is high. It has become a growing market and is found to be appealing to investors as these schools follow a success pattern of a big playschool brand. 


If you are looking for the best preschool franchise in Chennai means you must have 2000 to 3000 sq. feet area property. It should need investment. Passionate entrepreneurs can promote and stay committed to the welfare of children by offering quality education. This is a way of shaping the nation and its future.

Starting a play school franchise in Chennai or any place is a one-time investment. The payment is to be done to the franchisor or the parent company to become part of the franchise. The franchise fee amount to start a play school varies depending on the brand of the franchise.

The steps

Step 1: Like any other venture, the first step is to put up a capital expenditure which would differ as per the business you are looking for. Same applies to start a preschool in Chennai as well) Having a playschool of your own means it should have full-fledged facilities required for small children. It means coming up with a budget of around Rs. 6 -8 lakhs. (This needs to be changed to 15-16 Lakhs)

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Step 2: The next step is to find the best land or suitable property for setting up the institution.  The land should be in a peaceful location that is away from the commercial hustle-bustle and should be surrounded with greenery. It is important to provide a safe, serene and open environment for the child’s overall development. The property can be rented or it can be registered as your property. However, if it is a rental place, the rental agreement should be for 5 years.

Step 3: The third step is to concentrate on the pre-school’s infrastructure. The school may have a playground, well-ventilated classrooms, and an activity area with furniture and toys that are safe and child-friendly.

Step 4: With the pre-school infrastructure ready, you can publicize the institution. You can initiate the pre-launch activities before the construction is complete. Give a brand name to the school. Use effective banners around your locality so that it is known that a new preschool is being launched in the area. 

Step 5: Concentrate on hiring certified and experienced administrators, caregivers and teachers for the playschool. Ensure that they are well-qualified professionals having the zeal and the years of experience in working with young children.

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