Geometry Dash APK Game Play Review

Geometry dash apk

Geometry dash uses a touch for android, keyboard, and mouse for computers and controller gamepad for the console. It, mainly, has on control input which is also tap on the touch or one key pressed. These controllers are used to work the vehicles. Vehicles just have one action which is to jump or fly when the user makes a jump action using the controller.

On the keyboard, the player can jump by insistent the space bar or up key or ticking on the left button of the mouse. But, on android, tapping the touchscreen would make the vehicle jump or fly in Geometry Dash APK.

Geometry dash free allows user to hold down the key and keep interrelating with a certain vehicle. Speed of the icon is constant, it is predefined and the user cannot manipulate. All that user can do is that he can make it jump and dodge the obstacle. It is the matter of the timing, if timing goes incorrect then the vehicle would crash and the player has to start over again.

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How hard it would be to get crashed just before the end. Now guess, in what way would you complete the level in geometry dash apk? Yes, you predicted it right. You have to reach the end of the level without getting stopped in those evil obstacles.

So, tapping the screen and dodging the obstacle sounds easy. Isn’t it? But, it is not so. It gets awfully hard when you continue to move onward because of the game rhythm set by Mr. Topala. Also, if you are a master of timing then it might get a little easier for you. But I warn you don’t take it easy because you should have a keen mindfulness of the environment in the game.

Also, because of the background sound, it is fun to play the geometry dash full game even if you bang. Once you crash, you will get the defeat but you will be eager to play again. It sounds like habit and it is.

Geometry dash full version comes with 7 different vehicles, some of them are cube, sphere and UFO. And each vehicle comes with a different color mixture. It is attractive. Also, there are 21 levels, as before stated, and out of the 18 are unlocked.

Enduring 3 can be unlocked with the help of 3 secret coins placed in 18 unlocked levels. Levels have different effort and can be completed in any order. Each difficulty awards a convinced number of stars and coins.

Players can play in two modes: one is normal and other is a training mode. Geometry Dash APK allows the player to complete any level in training mod though it will not be counted as completed level in normal mode. No new level will be unlocked in training mode. So, normal mode is a must.

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Also, rewards can be collected in training mode. Players can share their successes on the leaderboard and compete with other folks. This is the beauty of meek looking geometry dash.

Geometry Dash also has one level making system which allows user to create levels and upload online. Players have to complete their own created level to confirm that it is achievable and not impossible to do so.