Coin Master: Your One Step Guide in Becoming the Millionaire in the Game


Are you looking for a Casual Game that’s fun and addicting? How about a game where you can earn some coins faster and build your dream village? Well, you are certainly on the right spot. We’re here to give you details about the play Coin Master where everything that you’re looking for is present! Ready to know more about the game and the steps on playing on it? Scroll down for more information now!

All about Coin Master Game

Coin Master is a single-player and a casual game made by Israeli Studio Moon Active. Surprisingly, it accumulated millions of downloads since it came out in the year 2015. What’s even more interesting is that the game has been the top-grossing mobile game in the UK and Germany. So, what’s the real deal about Coin Master? Why do people become so invested in this gameplay that it became popular online and in the world?

The answer to that is simple. The reason behind Coin’s Master success is mainly because of its simple and minimalistic gameplay rules. By just spinning the wheels, you can earn tons of coin that can enable you to build a village and move up into the next level.

Well, if you try the game at first, you will surely say that there’s not enough reason to get fascinated by the match. However, as you try to spin over and over again, you’ll end getting addicted and raiding all your friend’s villages along the way. The game may be boring at first, but its mechanics and rules will keep you motivated to create the fanciest village in the town and become the best coin master among your friends.

So, before you even get started, how does the game work? Let’s discuss everything briefly below.

Step by Step Guide on Playing Coin Master Game

As we mentioned it to you earlier, the game involves a lot of spinning. Imagine playing the wheel of fortune — but more on a slot machine lottery type. Each of the columns corresponds to a certain prize. You can either win a jackpot, raid your opponent, win more coins, or get a shield which is so important in protecting what you build in your village. Now, the only difference in how you’re going to win and play this game with other players depends on your LUCK. Although some players try to calculate and use tricks on these games, there are only a few who have succeeded.

Once you have downloaded and say created an account for your Coin Master account, it’s time to spin the wheel as many chances as you can. Remember all these basic guidelines for spinning the wheel. The moment that you hit three rows of these symbols, you’ll have the opportunity to win and beat the big time.

  • Three Hammers – Running through this fortune means that you can easily attack your opponent’s village with one chance of getting a success.
  • Three Shields – Allows you to have 1-50 shields on your gameplay.
  • Three Coins – The chance to earn more coins than ever before in the game.
  • Three Energy – Allows you to have a capsule of 10 times of spins in betting.
  • Three Pigs – The opportunity to raid your “Coin Master” as seen on the top of your slot machine. This person can be a random friend or bot with the most number of coins available in their village.
  • Three Coin Pouches: Provides the highest amount of coins depending on your village number.

In case you become invested in the game and run out of spins, you can return after a few hours and refill your wheels before playing again. Good luck with the game and ensure to win a lot of coins as you can! If you’re wondering, yes, you can earn more than a million coins in just a spin. So, should we expect for you to be the next coin master?

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Downloading the Coin Master on PC

Even if the game is prominent on mobile, you can download it on your PC with the help of With the help of this game client, you’ll be able to enjoy playing Coin Master without worrying about your PC’s resources. It only means that you can still multi-task and run some other programs on a lag-free experience while playing Coin Master.

Head on to Games. lol’s the main page and look for Coin Master Game. Once done, click the Play button on the page and the installation process will begin. It will only take you several minutes to complete the process. After that, you can now enjoy your game without running a heavy application in the background.


So, that’s all that we can give and advise you for now. Coin Master is such a fun, simple, and addictive game that anyone can try. Thus, for those kids who are interested in playing the game, your parent’s guidance is a must. For instance, playing Coin Master might be compared to the type of gambling playing game. For better security and gameplay results, ensure to explain to ages 12 years old how Coin Master Exactly works.

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