Fat Tire Vs Traditional Tire Bicycles: What’s Best For You?


As you shop beach cruiser bikes for sale, you may notice that some have larger tires than others. A traditional bike has tires that are approximately two inches in width. On a fat tire bike, that width can be over five inches, though it is usually closer to four. Some people like fat tire bikes because of their unusual looks, but the real benefit is that they offer capabilities that a traditional bike does not. The following factors influence whether you could benefit from a fat tire bike or should stick with a traditional bike.

Where You Ride

You can ride your fat tire beach cruiser on the road, just as you can with a traditional bicycle. However, a fat tire bike has the capability to go places that would be difficult or impossible to manage on a traditional bike with narrower wheels. The wide tires provide extra grip, meaning you can ride on soft or unstable surfaces, such as sand. To put it another way, fat tire bikes can go anywhere a traditional bike can go, but the reverse is not true.

When You Ride

The grip that a fat tire bike provides also allows you to ride under unfavorable weather conditions, such as in deep snow or on mud. This allows you to ride at all times of the year, even during the winter. In fact, riding in the snow is part of the reason that fat tire bikes were developed in the first place. Back in Alaska in the 1980s, people needed to have a reliable means of transportation that could stand up to winter conditions.

How Much Experience You Have

If you don’t know how to ride a bicycle, you are not alone. Approximately 6% of all American adults do not. Fortunately, it’s never too late, and learning to ride on a fat tire bike may be a little easier than on a traditional bike. The reason is that the wider wheels provide better balance, meaning that you’re less likely to fall.

How Hard You Want To Work

Because fat tire bikes often only have one speed, they are more difficult to pedal on steep grades. The tires also make them heavier than a traditional bike. For these reasons, some people may prefer traditional bikes that are lighter and more maneuverable. However, pedal assist on an electric bike may help with both these issues for people who want the advantages of a fat tire bike without having to do all the work.

How Much Maintenance You Want To Do

Compared to a traditional bike, a fat tire bike doesn’t have as many parts to get damaged. That means that you do not have to do as much maintenance to keep a fat tire bike going, nor do you have to have as many repairs or part replacements. If you don’t want to spend a lot of time on upkeep, a fat tire bike may be the way to go.

Online retailers offer a wide variety of bikes for sale, including fat tire and traditional bikes and hybrid bikes for men and women. Purchasing is easy and convenient.