Everything You Need To Know About the Instagram Algorithm


It was in 2016 that Instagram left the indexing of the publications of its social network in the hands of an algorithm, leaving aside the chronological order that it had before.

The beginnings of the algorithm

To begin with, Instagram sought with the algorithm to prioritize the engagement of content and thus combat the use of bots to increase followers and likes.

But nothing is further from the truth: it is a purely economic matter, and the application ensures that after the implementation of the algorithm, people spend more time on it, since it shows them relevant content from “friends and family”. The more time users spend on the app, the more ads they can see and the more money Instagram makes.

But how does the algorithm work?

According to How To Make A Wikipedia Page Mainly three key actors intervene: interests, current affairs and engagement. The social network says that this is the best way to sort the publications for people who spend little time on it, since they can see the most relevant quickly.

For the feed

The social network orders the publications taking into account a series of interaction variables, which are:

The publications, stories and accounts in which you have shown interest

  • Publications, stories and accounts in which you have shown interest
  • Users with whom you usually interact
  • Followers and followed
  • Hashtags
  • Types of posts you follow
  • How often you post
  • Highest post time

In summary, we can say that in this social network, the important thing is the quality and not the number of followers you have.

For stories

The algorithm does not work only on the Instagram feed, but it also determines which stories will be shown to certain users. They influence the hashtags used, the number of views of the posts, whether the views are total or partial, the time it takes a user to move to another story, the messages generated, and finally, the users mentioned.

We can draw the conclusion that the histories that are displayed in full have priority over the rest. Therefore, in our social agency we recommend that you try to generate quality content in Instagram stories so that your followers see it in full and interact with you, so you will get priority in their timeline.

For hashtags

The order of the hashtags is determined by the interval of hours of the population, the interaction and display rate, and the hashtags to be positioned. Luckily, Instagram has announced that it will not penalize you if you use too many.

In summary, we can say that the most important thing for Instagram is the quality of the content and not the quantity. There may be small accounts that have a lot of interaction with their community, showing their content to more people than large accounts with little interaction.