Everything You Need to Know About Dental Implants

Dental implants

Do you know that over a million of Americans lose teeth just about every single year? 

Hard to believe right! I had a similar feeling when I first came across the stats but unfortunately, it’s true. 

More than a million of American lose teeth each year because of a number of reasons. 

Some experience tooth loss, while others experience tooth decay, periodontal diseases or some injury. For the past many years, the only treatment available for people who lose their teeth were getting dentures. Do you have a grandparent at your home who might have recently lost their teeth; if yes then you’re pretty sure you’ve seen a denture in your life.It’s the fake set of teeth that you get when you lose the originals.

However, what if you only lost just a single tooth or two because of cavity or tooth infection? 

Thanks to modern science and technology, dental surgeons now have a more appropriate solution. 

It’s called getting dental implants and they are available in the market at a very fair price. Are you wondering what dental implants are or how one can benefit from getting a dental implant? Is the process of getting an implant safe or how much will the process cost because dentures hardly cost $300-$500. 

Such questions can be mind boggling and that’s exactly why I am writing this article. 

Without further adieu, let’s learn everything we can about dental implants.

What are Dental Implants? 

Dental implant is a form of a surgery performed by a certified dentist where they replace the tooth roots with a piece of metal. This metal piece basically looks like a screw where a user can easily place an artificial tooth that looks exactly like the original one. It is one of the best alternatives to getting dentures or a bridge work on your teeth set. A few implants is everything to bring your million dollar smile back.  

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What are the advantages of getting a Dental Implant?

Some of the advantages of getting a dental implant include, 

  • A satisfactory look & appearance since it feels like your original tooth only
  • No more speech slurs which usually occurs when you have dentures in mouth
  • No more non-comfortness of keeping loose dentures in your mouth all the time. 
  • Allows you to easily chew without having a single concern of losing your teeth grip. 
  • Brings your self-confidence back so you can rest easy in front of other people. 
  • You get better oral health because bridging requires leveling of other teeth to cover.  
  • Your implanted teeth are very durable and it doesn’t succumb to any failure whatsoever. 

What is the success ratio of a dental implant? 

The success ratio depends on which teeth section you’re applying the dental implant. However, in general, an implant does have a success ratio of as much as up to 98% so it’s pretty promising. 

Can everybody get a dental implant? Or is it limited for specific people? 

Yes, as long as you do not have any gum disease or any mouth infection. Based on your oral hygiene and your gum condition, a dentist will decide whether you can get an implant surgery or you can’t. If you’re someone who regularly visits the dentists for routine checkups, then you shouldn’t have any second thoughts. Besides, if you lose a tooth, your dentist will always offer you a dental implant surgery option. It’s up to you to decide whether you want one or you are not in need of one. If you have any heart disease or you’re suffering from some other health problem such as cancer or diabetes, your dentist will recommend whether getting a dental implant is the best option or not. Based on your health records, if it is acceptable, then he will definitely proceed forward to provide you with the best dental care solution. 

Will my health insurance cover the cost of my dental implants? 

Unfortunately not. Your health insurance will not cover the cost of your dental implants. If you want to get better details on why, you can always get in touch with a dentist or your insurance provider to discuss. 

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How much will a dental implant surgery cost me? 

While there are no fixed charges for dental implants as it may vary depending on where you are located. But, if you’re located in Ireland and you search up dental prices in Ireland then I am sure you can get a rough idea of how much a dental implant is going to cost you. I am sure they aren’t going to be that costy. Based on what you’re getting in return, it’s like a complete new tooth bringing your ultimate beauty back. 

When it comes to appearance, we believe nobody will resort to thinking twice before spending on them. 

All in all, dental implants are not too expensive unless you’re getting it from some royal dental care. They are expensive compared to dentures and bridgeworks but they sure are long lasting then both of them. 

So there you go, here’s just about everything I believe you pondered about getting dental implants. Are you still feeling a bit queasy about whether you should get dental implants or not? Talk to us so we may help.