Everything You Need to Know about Cockroach Infestation in Dubai

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Homeowners around Dubai and the whole UAE dread about the existence of roach infestations. But the question is how many homeowners know that this pest species is extremely resilient and destructive. Cockroach breed quickly; they are able to grow their infestation rapidly. Cockroaches are extremely flexible, they are able to fit in the gaps as little as their weight. In this article, you will learn every important thing you need to know about roaches in Dubai.

Total Species of Cockroaches in Dubai

Cockroaches are insects of the order Blattodea and they also carry termites. Almost 4600 cockroach types are present on this planet earth and out of this only 30 are more resilient. Different kinds of roaches are also present in Dubai and all-around the UAE including Asian, American, German, Brown-banded, Smoky-brown, and Oriental roaches. These are the toughest infestation of roaches and targeting their whole population is not easy.

Fascinating Facts about Roaches

There are several fascinating facts about cockroaches that every homeowner should know. Here, I want to mention only a few ones

Incredibly hold their breath

A cockroach can amazingly hold breathe almost for 40 mins without any difficulty. These pests can easily survive for half an hour in smudged water. Roaches often hold their breath to regulate the loss of water in their bodies.

Run up to 3 miles

Roaches have an impressive athletic ability because they can run up to 3 miles only in 1 hour and less. This means they spread diseases and germs throughout your house quickly.

Wonderfully live for a week without its head

Roaches have a unique open circulatory system and they breathe through little holes and segments in their body. This pest species is not dependable on their head to breathe. A cockroach can amazingly live for a week without its head. A cockroach doesn’t need a head to live long; it will only die only because of loss of water and thirst.

Attraction towards alcohol & soft drinks

Like other pest species, several cockroach species are also attracted to beverages such as alcohol and soft drinks. These resilient insects are basically craved for sugar and hops present in drinks.

Become an adult only in 36 days

German roaches are considered as toughest roach species not because they are resilient but they also spread their infestation fast as compared to other types. Unlike other roach species, German roaches have implicated in the outbreaks of illness and bacterium reaction in the people. The main reason behind their large infestation is that a newborn German cockroach can become an adult as little as in only 36 days.

What do cockroaches eat?

Cockroaches are omnivorous scroungers and they can consume any organic food available for them. Sweets, sugar, starches, and pet food is the favorite food of roaches. When they first move to a new place, they consume the same food as humans. Roaches also like greasy, molded, and fermented food such as cheese and butter. American roaches have shown great attraction towards alcohol and other beverage. In Dubai, roaches are often attracting towards other things that contain starch in itself such as book-binding, wallpapers, notebooks, paste, and glues.

For consuming enough protein, roaches also consume the skin of dead insects, hairs, and nails of humans and other visible food sources. Moreover, cockroaches also eat the dead bodies of other roaches, if food has become a scarce issue.

How long a cockroach can live in the UAE’s weather?

The climate of the UAE features a desert climate which means very hot in summer and cold in winter. Food is not an issue for roaches and they can live without it for one month or more. But roaches need enough water to survive and they only survive only for 1 week or less without water or less water in their bodies.

How to control cockroaches in Dubai?

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