Enema Kits to Relieve Constipation and Related Complexities

enema bag kit

An enema is a process to clear out the colon by inserting an injection of fluid. It loosens up the impacted bowels and helps to poop. It is given to treat constipation. Enemas are the last course for the treatment of constipation due to possible side effects. It can be performed safely at home till the time you use sterilized tools and safe fluids including an enema bag kit

An enema kit is a bag or any other kind of container attached to a nozzle or tube. The container hold liquid that might contain laxative or oil. Several pharmacies sell this kit and enema supplies are available online too. Choose a kit recommended by your healthcare provider. These kits have everything that you require for administering your enemas such as the bag, cleansing solution, and tubing. Instead of making an enema kit at your home, you can buy one from a reliable source. 

Use Only The Professionally Designed Enema Kit

A person should use an enema bag kit for medical reasons only. Avoid homemade kits and buy a kit from a well-known source online having a reputation for selling medical kits. Every enema kit is a bit different from others and it comes with clear instructions. Read the instructions carefully so that you can be sure that the kit is effective and safe.

An enema might be uncomfortable; however, it should not be painful. When you feel pain, seek medical advice, and stop using it. Use petroleum jelly to ease discomfort at the time of insertion. It is always recommended to use a professionally designed kit. 

When the Enema Kit is Used?

Enemas can treat medical conditions. Enemas are commonly used for the following:

  • Preparing for surgery

Surgeons advise the use of an enema kit before surgery at home or medical professionals may give it in hospitals. Freeing the bowel before major surgery is mandatory. 

  • Colonoscopy

Colonoscopy is using a small camera for checking the health of the bowel or rectum. The bowel must be emptied prior to this procedure. A person might have to restrict his diet before the procedure for a few days. Doctors prescribe an enema to make sure the bowel is empty. 

  • Cancer Screening

A barium enema can check for colon cancer. One enema is used to empty the bowel and another bowel puts the liquid to the rectum. It shows on the X-ray where clear images are shown.

  • Constipation

An enema can treat severe constipation. Two kinds of enema are there for constipation. One lubricates the bowels that help stool to pass quickly. Another one is the retention enema, which is oil-based and it soaks the stool so that it passes easily from the body. 

When properly conducted following the instructions of doctors, enema administrations are safe. Use an enema once daily and at the same time. This will reduce side effects and shall make your body release waste regularly. When constipation continues for many days, always consult your physician. For better results, use prescribed enema supplies from specialized sources online.


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