Do you know who is watching your WhatsApp DP? Learn this


Most people are using WhatsApp. Daily communication and business through it. WhatsApp is so user friendly. There are plenty of apps for WattApp tricks today. Using some tricks on WhatsApp through Third Party App.

Similarly, now there are tricks to know who has seen the WhatApp DP. Any friends you know and don’t know through the app can check whether the DP has checked. If so, how is it? What’s up? Here’s information on this.

WhatsApp DP can be checked by downloading Third Party App. Not only that, the number of those who see the DP can also know their number.

To know who has seen WhatsApp DP, you must first download the Whatsapp-Who-See-me or Whatsapp Tracker on the Play Store. In addition 1mobile market must be downloaded. But WhatsApp-Who-Viewed Download Without 1 Mobile Market App.

Usually when your new DP is replaced, your DP of friends will check. Similarly you can see DP verified without knowing it. Every day someone can see the picture.

Check before downloading any app from Google Play Store. This is because some apps are not safe. It also has a strategy of mocking users’ information.

So before downloading any third party app please check and download. Use it later.

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