Custom Cigarette Boxes are true beauties for Tobacco Industries


Cigarettes are generally common among people who are either fond or used to smoking. However, Cigars come with exclusive extravagance that is packaged well by OXO Packaging Custom Cigarette Boxes. We make sure that cigars demonstrate the beauty they are designed for, a strong classical impression of the product to add a royal touch to cigars. Cigarette Box Packaging by OXO Packaging are truly the customer delights because these presentable Boxes can be the ideal show pieces on your coffee table, after meal green tea arrangement or during special gatherings.

These beautiful Custom Cigarette Boxes offer a unique representation of your brand and quality of products, while being perfect Gift Boxes for your loved ones. Custom Cigar Boxes can be customized for size, shape, style, and layout along with countless options of finishes like gold and silver foil, UV Coating, laminated, matte, glossy, plastic touch and many more.

OXO Packaging converts the Custom Printed Cigar Boxes into your marketing agents

OXO Packaging gives you a whole new variety of Customized Cigar Boxes such as Die-Cut Boxes, Custom Sleeve Boxes, Pocket Cigar Boxes, and several other designs and styles with embossed or debossed logo and endless variety of finishes. Custom Printed Cigarette Boxes have special images of the products you are selling along with company branding information that suits your business model and targets your customers only.

Since cigars become a part of someone’s personality we try to create unique looks that customers can identify to be their own. Each client has a different choice and we bring out the same variety in Cigar Box Packaging through OXO Packaging Printed Cigar Boxes with images and even some literary pieces to add to the beauty of Cigar Box Packaging.

The company name and details of flavor of the cigars give your product a distinguished look along with powerful branding for long term relationship with your customers.

Custom Cigar Box Packaging are easily convertible to beautiful Gift Boxes

Every occasion is a special one and demands special attention to the Gift Boxes that we present to our loved ones. OXO Packaging Customized Cigar Boxes serve to be the ideal Gift Boxes to make your days even special. Special customizations like Message tags for wishing birthday or wedding wishes or congratulating someone on a special achievement. Our Custom Cigar Box Packaging is the extra effort we have put in to give you time for yourself. These customizations certainly create lasting impressions on customers.

We believe in going an extra mile for our long term business relationship with customers. OXO Packaging Custom Cigar Boxes are also great for company oriented campaigns as well as personal gift for those you care. Cigar Accessories are part of the Package, just like perfumes and perfumed lotions are packed in combination boxes.

OXO Packaging offers a value added advantage by offering Custom Cigar Boxes with inserts and dividers to pack additional accessories along with cigars.

Make the best out of Cigar Wholesale Boxes

Branding, marketing, preserving the best quality, long lasting impressions on customers and classic presentation of your Cigar is topped up with the most promising discount through Cigar Wholesale Boxes. OXO Packaging has the most brilliant Cigar Box Packaging ideas supported by best pricing so you can actually convert prospects into leads without constraining your budget.

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