Can Your Lifestyle Choices Affect Your Family Life?

Lifestyle Choices

People generally say that living your life is nothing short of an art form. Whatever way you choose to live is somehow going to resemble the concept of art.

If you look up the meaning of art, you will find that it refers to the expression of a person’s creative skills and ideologies.


  • When we are out and about with our friends;
  • When we dance our hearts out at the wedding reception;
  • When we choose to raise our voice against anything wrong;

Does it not fall into the category of art?

Are we not expressing ourselves?

Are people not learning about us through our lifestyle choices?

If you think the answer to any of these questions is a yes, then you agree with me.

The point I want to raise today is related to our lifestyle choices indeed. Any habit or activity that we take on is the consequence of thinking, and hence, it portrays us in a more profound way than the frivolous action we are performing.

The portrayal can either be a positive one or a negative one; in both scenarios, it will affect the lives of people around us.

Here are such lifestyle choices that can be brought as a significant positive change in your life as they can a detrimental one.

Smoking and Drinking

If I talk had to mention one of the worst habits we have, smoking would be picked up right from the top along with excessive drinking.

When we smoke, we dole out unwarranted harm on our lungs and with too much drinking that damage is directed towards the liver.

I had taken up smoking because I saw my parents do it occasionally, then my friends indulged in the same, and now my husband also smokes every day. For me, it was like cigarettes had a ubiquitous presence; they were everywhere I went.

I knew it was not healthy, and I knew the passive smoke is going to affect people who had not even smoked a day in their lives, there were some around me. However, the problem became more noticeable when I had a child of mine.

From my experience in life, I knew that if he saw me smoking, he was bound to take it up at one point in his life. After all, parents do set the example.

So I quit and looking at me trying to stay off the temptation and struggling some days, my husband left with me. I never once told him to, he just made a change because I made the change. However, we do occasionally drink, which is fine; a glass of wine on the weekend does not hurt anybody.

That is one way to living your life, setting an example, and unknowingly influencing others to become the positive change you have decided to become.

Needless Spending

Unlike the previous one, which affects our health, this one affects our pocket.

With credit cards and small loans being readily available in the UK, you are bound to be tempted by their presence.

This temptation starts slowly and then presses on the accelerator so fast that you do not even realise when you got trapped inside a loan cycle that may never end.

  • Spending on a new gadget every time a new gadget is launched in the market;
  • Spending on a new outfit every time you have an event or a function to attend;
  • Spending on a party with a long guest list every time there is something to celebrate;

These things may seem right to you when you do them, but trust me, in the long run of events, you will regret them.

Having financial support through your savings is something we, the millennials, only understand when we step into our thirties and sometimes even forties.

  • Do you think that is the right way to live?
  • Does living in the moment more important than living for the future?

If we are not strong enough financially, the people who are close to us become distant. Marriages break because one partner has made terrible financial mistakes and sunken the couple’s entire savings account balance. The friends, whom you can count upon, will be found nowhere when you are in debt.

I know this sounds too preposterous to be correct, but we do have to understand that it is true.

Compromising with Health

I am going to talk about our health one more time here. This one is not related to substance use, instead not giving the traditional health practices the kind of importance they do deserve.

All of us know that the world we live in is too fast-paced to go slow and have a chance at winning. That is why, in the quest to win, people lose themselves and their health.

  • Skipping breakfast because we are running late for work;
  • Skipping lunch because the boss gave you additional work and you have to do it since you need that appraisal at the end of the month;
  • Skipping dinner because you do not have the energy to cook after a long and tiring 14-hour workday;

This has sadly become our life, and I am sure most of you will agree with me.

However, we forget that if we do not eat properly, how are we supposed to give our hundred per cent to our work and family?

  • Would you have the energy to have a pleasant conversation and a cuddling session with your partner, if you do not eat?
  • Would you have the will to go out with your friends or meet up with them, if you do not eat?
  • Would you have the patience to deal with your kids and their constant twenty questions, if you do not eat?

Winding Up

Now you tell me.

Are these lifestyle choices not going to affect your family life?

Will they are not put a strain on your relationships with your family and friends?

Is it not better to let our life choices become a magnificent piece of art that reflects our beautiful inner self?

I know what the right answers are to these questions, and I think you know them.

So, the more important question is, what are you going to do about it?