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Know about the Military challenge coins

It is associated with pride and challenge. It is a typical military coin that delivers to a military member for the brotherhood and identity as the unity. In us, the US Armed Force, the Law Enforcement department is widely used to symbolize the fighting spirit of the force. Each piece of the coin represents the symbols and motto of the respectable groups. It was also collected among the unit members.

The Background

The military challenge coins have a great history. As per the historical documents in the story was begun in World War 1. At the time a US fighter plane was shot down by the German Army. The pilot of that fighter plane was captured by the German Force and detained by them in a remote place of the German territory. After a few days of detention, the pilot was escaped from the area. After a few days of hiding, he was captured by the French Force again and detained. By that time France was aligned with the USA. The pilot described the entire incident what happened to him. But the French officer was already made his mind. They presumed him as a German soldier he came here for spying on the French military force. They ordered his death sentence. Then the pilot presented the challenge coin which he was received as goodwill from his senior officer. The French officer immediately recognized the coin and spares him for the time being and validates his identification proof. Later the pilot was released and became a legend as he presented the coin to save his life.

The Present Day

Today the Military challenge coins have the great popularity. Yes, it has evolved in many ways but it still represents the same manner as yesteryears. Today people use a simple design. The coin becomes more colorful and varied. Modern coins are made with modern design and it represents the three-dimensional images. Some coins have numbering, photos, and graphics on the coins. The member of the armed force has gained many coins in his service life. They feel proud when they receive the coin.

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The Products and Price

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The Clients

They have many potential clients. Their client’s list includes – Air Force, Marines, Coast Guard, Navy and Police, and Fire Department of the USA. They also offer Business coins and corporate coins in the industry.


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