Boost Your Website Ranking by Content Consolidation


When it comes to performing search engine optimization for your website, the content has become the vital factor that needs to be considered as the top priority.

Without having high quality and relevant content to your site, you can’t gain the full benefits of digital marketing services. To rank your website on search engine result pages, it is important to provide detailed information about your website in the text form to the search engines.

Because search engines can’t see images also, content is something that will engage the visitors by providing information and keeps them interested.

On the other hand, if your brand has been creating engaging content for a long time, you’ll likely to reach a point where some of your new content overlaps with the existing content of your website that would later start affecting the ranking of your website.

In this kind of situation, you would end up having multiple pages of content competing for the same search intent. Also, Google’s algorithms are not showing more than 2 results for the same domain for a given query. That is why having multiple articles that speak about the one topic or a question, it is better to provide the whole information or answer all the questions as all the information is pertinent right through the year.

This would allow your content to get more visibility and help to reduce the amount of content and make your website’s user experience by centralizing all the information which any visitor or customer of your website may need on one page.

Know the Importance of Content Consolidation:

Content Consolidation

Content consolidation is a process of combining several similar kinds of articles or blog posts into one long piece of content resulting in a better, more authoritative source about a subject. So you need to update, remove or merge content to avoid split ranking signals and provide a better user experience.

If you are having a great content inventory that can provide great information not only on the subjects of your content but also on their performance in Google search engine pages then these kinds of content consolidate the traffic, ranking and authority of your website.

The consolidate content will increase the chances of getting the desired page to rank well in the search engine result page. A content consolidation will boost your link building efforts, as the other sites will have the only one version of your content to point back to.

It also makes it easier for a user to find the location and information which they are looking for and help you remove underperforming content which might be doing a lot of harm than actual good.

The Types of Content That May Not Have Value:

  • Having Thin Content or Page with Less Content:

Pages having less content may perceive by Google, for example, you are having help centre pages that address only a single question which not necessarily providing value to users. These kinds of pages will not have any value from Google.

  • Duplicate Content:

Whether your site is small or big, identifying duplicate content can boost your user experience. Google doesn’t recommend blocking crawler access to duplicate content, there’s the reason behind it if search engines can’t crawl pages having copied content, they can’t automatically detect that these URLs point to the same content. If you are having a larger site, and a large number of URLs that host the same content may dilute the crawl budget and reduce signals and will slow down the search engine’s ability to index and evaluate the pages.

There are several tools available that can help you identify duplicate content but, it is recommendable to find duplication manually to completely understand the nature of the problem and the best way to address it.

  • Outdated Content:

If you have been creating content for a long time and have been publishing articles or blog posts from several years, there’s a possibility that you have a ton of content within your website that isn’t ranking and doesn’t get any traffic. Those content may be irrelevant to your business so in that case what to do with all that content?

We recommend removing the outdated content from your site then leaving it up or else you can update those articles with the new predictions and can change the publication date in case you have made substantial changes to the copy.

There are several reasons why people opt for deleting old content:

  1. It helps Google to rank the best pages: If you’re having several pieces of the content related to the same topic and you want the latest or fresh content should rank in search then eliminating old content that doesn’t provide value will help Google to recognize the latest ones.
  2. It helps to improve your domain authority: As you have deleted the irrelevant content so now, the only your latest or best content is indexed by Google and this will increase the chance of ranking high for your keywords.
  3. Shifting content strategy: In case you want to shift your content strategy like, earlier you used to write short, newsy piece of content but now your focus is more on creating in-depth and long content and you do not want people to find old content which is now off-brand then eliminating old content will be helpful for you.

Some Ways to Consolidate Your Website Content for Solid SEO Growth:

If your website having too many pages with outdated or non-informative content than this might be the reason your website isn’t ranking. Creating valuable pages should be your aim so that it will increase the chance of getting to the top of Google search result pages.

Let’s look at some of the ways of consolidation:

  • Remove irrelevant content or doesn’t provide value: If you are having very thin content on your website then you might spend crawl budget on pages that are not performing or not even indexed anymore. You can use Google search console and analytics to identify which pieces of content may be taking up crawl budget or maybe cannibalizing your keywords without any value to your audience.
  • Merge the content that is serving a similar purpose: As mentioned above, instead of having numerous articles addressing particular questions it is always better to create one long in-depth article that has all the information regarding a particular topic, this can reduce the amount of content which you have competing over the same or similar keyword sets and also help to improve your experience by centralizing all the information.
  • Keep on refreshing existing pages: There may be an opportunity to refresh the existing content or update the same content instead of creating a whole new from scratch that overlaps with what you already have.

Final Words:

Whether you owning a small website or a large website content consolidation can eventually boost your website’s ranking and overall traffic. Content consolidation can help you get your way and boost the chances of getting desired page rank for your website.


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