Blocking in Films Everything You Should Know About


When a group of friends is sitting in a room, it will have everything but stillness. Everybody will have their own story to share, and some might engage in pillow fights, running after each other. in short, there will be all sorts of chaos. Understanding the scene would be difficult for any third person. This is what usually happens with characters in a scene, too, due to which blocking is extremely critical.

What is Blocking?

Blocking in films refers to finalizing the standing and movement of the characters of actors in a scene, so everything is captured in a creative and understandable manner. Blocking is like dance choreography, except there is no dance in it but only guidelines of appearing on the screen. It is a tough creative art to master, which adds to the visual appeal and helps the makers communicate their narrative efficiently.

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Stages of Blocking

Blocking requires detailed attention. Therefore, the filmmakers need to follow the stages of blocking to make sure there is no unnecessary ambiguity and chaos in the scene.

  • Block
  • Light
  • Rehearse
  • Adjustment
  • Shoot

Keep scrolling down this article to learn in detail about everything you should know about blocking in films.

Top 6 Tips to Ace Blocking in Films

In the case of filming a scene in a shopping mall, the passersby can get fascinated and sneak looks into the camera, which can look irritating and unrealistic to the viewers. So, it is quite important for filmmakers to ensure proper blocking in the scenes. It helps them translate their vision to the screen in the way they want. Sticking to some basics can help you master this creative art.

Here are some of the major tips you can follow to ace blocking in films.

1. Prepare Beforehand

The first and basic tip that can help you ace blocking in films is preparing beforehand. You should have a complete understanding of the script to develop a perfect frame of its presentation. In addition to it, having a shot list in your hand can also provide substantial support. Still, many people struggle with mastering it, which prompts them to hire experts from films companies in Dubai and ensure perfect blocking in their films, which adds to its creative and visual appeal too.

2. Involve Actors in Blocking Discussions

The next tip that can help you ace blocking in films is involving actors in the blocking discussions. If there are five people in a scene, do not just dictate them to do whatever is written on the script, but start a meeting and take their opinion. Let them share how they want to execute the scene and then decide about the movements, placing, and actions of all mutually.

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3. Inform About Camera Placements

One of the most critical tips that you need to follow to ensure perfect blocking in films is informing everyone in the scene about camera placements. In the old times, a single camera was used for shooting films, but now multiple cameras are used.  Knowing about the camera placements will help the actors perform efficiently without becoming an obstacle or hindering the camera of others included in the scene.

4. Engage Actors Efficiently

Another critical tip you can follow to ace blocking in films is engaging the actors efficiently. For example, if you are filming in a restaurant where the two main characters are conversing while eating, the other people in the scene should also be busy. It can be supporting cast or extras, but they should naturally engage in the scene too, like eating, conversing, placing their order, etc. They should avoid an unrealistic appearance or be idle.

5. Make Adjustments Appropriately

If you are not an expert on blocking, you might think you must stick to all the details you have finalized earlier. Well, you can take a breath as it is not necessary. You can make adjustments in the placement and movements of the characters while checking how it appears on the screen. The ultimate goal is creative screen presentation, so do not hesitate to change anything that is just an obstacle in your way.

6. Take Care of Speed

The last and most crucial tip that you need to follow in order to ace blocking in films is taking care of the speed. You need to make sure the pace of the characters in the scene is balanced and not too slow or fast. You need to be extra cautious with blocking in action scenes. If you fear committing a mistake, hire experts from film companiesand let them handle the detail instead of making a laughing stock out of your exceptional efforts.

Are you ready to ace blocking?

Well, if you are still struggling, referring to the experts is the best option, instead of making mistakes and turning your project into a failure. Contact the professional filmmakers now and let them work their magic to make your project an instant hit.

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