Blind White Contact lenses


When was the last time you wanted to give someone a deadly look with making sure you scare the hell out of them? Probably not very long ago, right? Well, we are sorry we couldn’t help you with that last time, but now we are here with the brightest idea. All you need is a pair of blind white contact lenses! They cover your entire eye with making your iris invisible.

You can no longer see the colour of your original eye because it is all covered with the contacts. What they will do is that they will make you appear blind because one can hardly see your eyeballs. Just stare at anyone in eyes, and trust us; you will feel better about that deadly stare.

Moreover, not just this, but these lenses are also ideal for creating a theme inspired look. You can dig into a fictional world and world of superheroes and find out numerous characters with white eyes. Just put your finger on one of them, decide a costume, get your makeup products together, and don’t forget to grab the mesmerizing blond white contact lenses to polish your look in a way no one can ever imagine or think about.

So, no more waiting because you won’t find such safe and soft contacts anywhere else.

Can Blind White Lenses Make You Blind?

The thought of getting these lenses can be a bit scary, not because they are lenses but because of their name. The first thing that pops up in anyone’s brain is if they are going to make you blind? Or the thought that it can possibly block your vision.

Don’t worry about any such stuff because they are only named by how they can make you look. You will have full vision in them during the day as well as night. Nothing to fear about!

They can help you out replicate any blind character, and even at times help you bring a dead character to life. You no longer need to paint eyes on a piece of paper or use eye masks to transform into such characters because these contacts promise you to create these looks in a much better and polished way.

How to Wear Blind White Contact Lenses

Just in case this question has ever crossed your mind, let’s make it crystal clear for you. There is no science behind wearing how to wear these lenses. You can wear them like any other lenses. Begin with washing your hands and soaking your lenses in lenses solution.

After that, either with the device or tip of your finger put the lenses in and fix it while moving your eyeball. Close your eyes for a few seconds so they can fell in place.

You are done! After doing so, you can apply all the makeup you want, without the fear of your eyes being irritated because these lenses are incredibly safe and gentle to eyes. Once you are done with your event, take them out with clean hands and put them back in their box. Easy peezy lemon squeezy!

Looks to create with blind white contact lenses for utmost perfection

Here comes the fun part. The part where after putting on your blind white contact lenses- you take out your makeup pallets or paintbrushes and start showing your creativity. Have you decided what wonderland, Disney land or fictional world you are taking everyone to with those white eyes and blind look? Of course, you will be able to see everyone and everything, yet make people wonder if you are blind.

Another thought, are you doing it to scare people or to gain their sympathy? Well, whatever it is, we will help you get through it.

Mostly in action films, these lenses are used for characters whom they want to appear a little supernatural or those playing the role of the blind. These are the two biggest options for you if you have grabbed them.

One minimal look that you can create with these blind lenses is that of a blind man. You can simply take a stick and stroll around in the streets; people will assume you are blind; some might even come to help you out.

But if you think this is too mainstream, then wait for events like Halloween, carnivals, or theme nights! That’s where you can make full use of these beguiling blind white contacts.

Dress up as a zombie, put on these lenses. Slip into an all-black zombie costume, and don’t forget to finish off your look with makeup.

Moreover, if you are a cartoon or anime fan, then these lenses can help you transform into characters just like them because almost every second character has all-white eyes.

They are surely going to help you out create a phenomenal look and make you stand out. All eyes will be on you because of how different and astonishing you look. Also, very few people take the risk of trying their hands on such a unique product, but if you do so, you can be a trendsetter.

Have You Made Your Mind Yet?

After reading so, we don’t really think that something can still be stopping you from grabbing these lenses, as they have the utmost perfection. They are perfectly designed to enhance your eyes and make them pop out. They will make your eyes appear bigger and brighter.

Secondly, they have a very soft texture, which means they are safe to use. These gentle to eye lenses guarantees a relaxed and calm time for up to 8 hours. They don’t cause any sort of irritation or infections, so don’t worry at all.

Moreover, another pro of these lenses is that they are available in various forms, and you can get the desired one according to usage options. They come in one day, one month, three months, and one-year usage availability! Last but not least, the shipping method is highly trusted, as well.

Well, in time, delivery is promised! Don’t forget that we also have one day delivery option as well for some areas of Australia. Waiting for you to grab your pair before it’s gone!


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