Black Apple: Do you know how good it is for health?


Seeing red and yellow apples? So a black apple can hurt your eyes. Yes, black apples are the most expensive apples, as are red and green apples. Its name is Black Diamond and you must know the details of this apple. The apple, also known as the Chinese Red Delicious, belongs to the Hua Niu apple family. Writer Christina, who lives in the US, tweeted about the apple, saying she knows that there is a breed in Tibet. So why does this apple come in black? Let’s find out more, including how much it costs.

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Is this apple black?

Experts say the apple is black because of its geographical location and climatic conditions. The apple grows in a small town in the mountains of Tibet. He said the place receives plenty of ultraviolet rays from the sun and that the color of the apple is darker as temperatures rise at night. The inside of the fruit is white like any other apple.

Where can I find this kind of apple? This black apple is available in the US as well as in Tibet where it is known as Arkansas black. According to experts, these apples are not so delicious when compared to other apples. Similarly these apples need to be kept in the dark to make them delicious.

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Are these readily available?

No, these are not readily available. It is said that 70 per cent of black apple crops are not marketed. This is because the fruit is not very profitable and the fruit lasts for five to eight years and lasts only 2 months. Thus most farmers do not grow it. The taste is not as good compared to other apples. 

Are these healthy?

These are delicious but contain the same nutrients as other apples. The other apple contains 4 grams of fiber and epicatechin which reduces blood pressure but does not have this content in the black apple. This apple is also very expensive. Its price is $ 7- $ 20 (Rs 500-1000).