BGMI Season 20: Royal Pass details of Battleground Mobile India revealed, know when the new season will start


The Indian version of the popular mobile game PUBG i.e. Battlegrounds Mobile India has been officially launched last month. Although it has not been launched on the iOS platform yet, game maker Krafton has announced that BGMI players may be ready for the new season.

Krafton has posted a news release on BGMI’s official site, in which information about the upcoming season and Battle Royal Pass has been given. Along with this, the end date of the ongoing season 19 has also been announced.

Giving information on the official website of Battlegrounds Mobile India, the company said, “We are going to start the new season by ending the Royal Pass and ranking of Season 19.” New update of BGMI will be released soon. The new update of BGMI will be rolled out for Android users in the coming few days. To get ranking in the new season, the player has to buy Royal Pass.

Krafton has confirmed on its official site that Battlegrounds Mobile India Season 19 (BGMI Season 19) will end on July 14. This simply means that the new season will start from July 14. According to the report, the new season will take place at 7:30 am.

According to Crafton, with BGMI Season 20, the ranking of Royal Passes will be changed. Season 20’s Battle Royal Pass will be released in the name of M1. At the same time, the pass of Season 21 will be issued in the name of M2.

There will be 3 seasons in a cycle, and players will also get additional rewards in each tier. Each season of the first cycle will be counted as C1S1, C1S2 and C1S3. Then in the second cycle, each season will be marked C2S1, C2S2, C2S3.

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