Best Noise Reduction Technologies by Leading Tyre Brands


Over the years, technology has come far with regards to automobiles. Today, we have nearly fully automatic self-driving vehicles, assisted parking, tire pressure monitoring systems, and so much more. Speaking of tires, there have been several developments in the tyre industry this century. Some tires can continue driving even after complete air pressure loss, commonly referred to as run-flat tires. There are also 3D tires and those that adapt and change according to the surface.

In short, the tire industry’s commitment to research and development (R&D) is really paying off. The global tyre industry is expected to reach $113.1 billion by 2025. It would not have been possible without the continuous R&D. Now, speaking of innovation, previously tires were quite noisy. But now, tyres hardly produce any noise. Why? Again, the credit goes to the R&D teams that have come up with noise reduction technologies.

In this article, we will discuss the best noise reduction technologies by leading tire brands. Why? The answer is simple. The next time you find yourself looking for a new set of tyres, you can opt for a brand with the quietest tires. After all, who does not like comfortability? Let’s start the discussion.

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The Pirelli Noise Cancelling System™ (PNCS)

If you are looking to buy a new set of tires, look for the desired tire in the Pirelli line. The Italian is famous for producing quiet, high-performance tires. The company’s noise reduction technology is referred to as the ‘Pirelli Noise Cancelling System™ (PNCS). The latest Pirelli tires feature this technology which is considered one of the world’s best. In it, a sound-absorbing device is attached to the inside of the tire.  It reportedly cuts noise by more than 50 per cent.        

If you are based in the UAE, you can order Pirelli tires online through PitStopArabia. The company offers delivery/installation at any location in the UAE. Apart from this, you can avail their online tyre repair services. What makes them stand out is their skilled and professional workforce that is capable of handling all types of tires.

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Goodyear SoundComfort Technology

Goodyear is another leading tire brand that is famous for its noise reduction technology. The technology uses a built-in sound barrier which reduces air vibrations and dampens the interior noise. The result? Official tests show that tires with Goodyear’s SoundComfort Technology produce 50% less noise than regular tires. Another surprise for our readers in the UAE is that PitStopArabia is not just an online tire provider. Instead, it provides comprehensive auto repair services in the UAE. Therefore, if you require repair or maintenance, contact them right away.

Continental ContiSilent™

Many people opt to change their tires or have them repaired just because they are noisy. However, they fail to realise that they do not require online tyres repair services nor complete replacement because the tires do not feature noise reduction technology. Instead, what they should do is opt for tyres with Continental ContiSilent™. The technology uses a polyurethane foam that is attached to the inside of the tread using a strong adhesive.

Other Tire Brands

Apart from the above three brands, other tire manufacturers have also introduced noise reduction technology in their tyres. Another notable mention here is Michelin® Acoustic Technology and Dunlop Noise Shield Technology. Both brands are using their respective technology in their premium products. The lab tests indicate that they are doing an excellent job of reducing noise inside the passenger cabin.

Wrap Up

This concludes our article. Now, if you are looking to buy new tires and are concerned about their comfortability, opt for tires that feature noise reduction technology. Otherwise, you will have to bear with unwanted noise inside the passenger cabin, which no one wants.