Best 5 Social Media Marketing Helpful Tips 2020


After the advent of social media platforms, consumers can easily interact with brands before making the buying decision. This concept has brought many growth and marketing opportunities for both small and established businesses. But, there is a challenge with social platforms that most of the businesses are still struggling to cope with, and this is because of the consistent progression of social trends.

The social media marketing strategy that worked a few years back may seem to be archaic in 2020. Millions of online users join the social platforms daily, and they bring with them new trends, demographics and expectations. It is crucial to keep pace with the consistent evolution of social media marketing strategies. For this, businesses are now looking for helpful tips to dominate the social media sphere. 

Apart from localization, there are many other social media marketing strategies implemented by the experienced SEO company in Gurgaon to dominate social media marketing. Here is the list of Best 5 Social Media Marketing Helpful Tips 2020 that you must use to efficiently dominate the social platforms. 

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Opt for Multi-Platform Social Marketing

Back in 2018, most social media marketers targeted specific audiences on dedicated platforms that they subscribed to. Social analytics have pointed out the possibility of attracting more consumers and subscribers via multi-platform social marketing.

For example, if your niche audience is female above the age of 50, your business would invest solely on Facebook more than Instagram because marketers believe such an audience would be on Facebook rather than Instagram. Such an approach won’t work in 2020 because people of all regions, ages, and genders join the multiple platforms available at their disposal.

Every social platform has a substantial population interested in your niche. So, you have to market and promote your business on all platforms and not restrict it to a single platform. 

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Investing More on Visuals 

As per the social media survey, visual content accounted for more than 80% of all online traffic in 2010. The motionless text has already been phased out on many social platforms, and images are unable to catch the attention as they used to back in 2010.

In 2020, data bundles are becoming quite affordable, and the connectivity of strong Wi-Fi in developed nations is becoming better than ever before.

Social media users won’t sway to stream videos if they come across while scrolling their social profiles. As a business, you must focus on investing in visual content and creating video ads to promote your business in 2020.

Count on Influencers 

More than 60% of online consumers rely on influencers and their reviews before making a purchase. This is a kind of wallop influencer marketing brandishes. Consumers easily trust the suggestions of the influencers, and hence you need to know who they are.

  • Network : Search and follow those personalities with a huge number of followers to efficiently intensify your brand message. 
  • Make an Offer : The influencers never work for free, and they will ask you, “What is the Offer for me.” So, be ready with an offer. You may ask them to join you in any trade show or promote themselves via any webinars and events. To develop a strong relationship, you must prove how you bring value to them. 
  • Monitor : Keep checking what your influencers post about your business and brand and ensure that it matches the images and brand.          

Setting Up Listening Feeds

In 2020, businesses must focus on using their social networks more as search engines than merely a soapbox to display the brand message. Twitter is the best platform where you can find people discussing your industry or brand, and it even helps you find direct leads. 

Collecting information and setting listening feeds is very easy, and any business or industry can do it. It only takes some innovation and critical thinking to land on the right search terms that are used by your prospective customers. 

Using Social Analytics

Many social media marketers tend to get confused and unable to find out whether or not their marketing strategies are effective. In 2020, it is fruitful to invest in social media analytic tools. It will let you discover the results offered by your efforts, and let you know what you must share with your audiences and when it is the right time to share the stories or visuals. 

The five tips discussed above will help your brand to excel in 2020 without making you feel lost, confused and overwhelmed. Seek the help of digital agencies on Sohna Road to implement these strategies in 2020.