Battlegrounds Mobile India Game Available Next Month !?

Battle Grounds Mobile India

Battle Grounds Mobile India App, an alternative to the Korean-based Players’ Announces Battle Grounds (PUBG) ban, is set to launch this new game. Information about the release date of Battle Grounds Mobile India has been released. It is said to be available for use by the third week of next month. The game, which is set to be an alternative to the PUBG Game, is expected to be available to Indians on June 18. That’s why it’s already free-registration and allowed to register through the Google Play Store.

According to Battle Grounds Mobile India Team Solomid Trainer and Content Creator Abhijit Andhere aka Ghatak, Battle Grounds Mobile India will be held in the third week of June. Rumor has it that it is likely to be introduced on June 18.

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Arunachal Pradesh legislator Ninong Ering has written to Prime Minister Narendra Modi urging him to make Battle Grounds Mobile India Game Ban. He wrote on Twitter that it was a way of defrauding the government and the Indians.

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Battle Grounds Mobile India will be available for Indian gaming lovers on June 18. PUB G Game has lost a lot of people in India. And the young people were very much immersed in it. Not only that, Pub Ji was also in close contact with China. Due to this the pub ji ban had to be done in India.

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