Back To School: Helping Your Child To Finish The School Year Well


If homeschooling was not necessarily easy for everyone, back to school after several weeks of confinement may not have been easy for your child to integrate either and it is normal! You do not know what to put in place to help him better understand this end of the year is so special? We take stock with you on the various actions to be implemented to help your child complete this school year well.

Take time to talk to your child about going back to school

It is important that you take the time to talk to your child about his return to school to see how he is dealing with the situation on a daily basis. Does he have fears, questions about this return to normal? The main thing is to listen to him and reassure him as much as you can about his possible doubts. Be careful in particular to be attentive to his reactions or to any symptoms such as sleep, behavior or eating disorders in order to be able to accompany him if necessary.

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Back To School

Emphasize the benefits of returning to normal school

It is normal for your child to have trouble getting back into school after weeks of confinement at home, we understand! Remind him that going back to school has a lot of benefits. Besides the fact that he has found his friends (this is the main advantage for him, that’s clear), you can explain to him that this will allow him to enjoy a good transition and not to be completely lost in the next school year in terms of the pace to be kept and in relation to the school program. Be enthusiastic about this recovery! It can only help him to boost himself.

Take advantage of his return to school to take stock of his knowledge

During confinement, depending on the levels and classes, some points of the program may not have been addressed. Help your child to take stock of his knowledge by asking him to identify both the lessons he could not have seen this year but also those he does not necessarily master to point out possible gaps. He can do this work by classifying his lessons, rereading them and using his school books. Even if arrangements will be made to compensate for the shortcomings of the students, allowing your child to have a first overview of his strengths and areas for improvement will be reassuring for him and for you!

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Reconnect with good habits thanks to this return to school

Normally, we know that the end of the school year, with the arrival of sunny days, is synonymous with relaxation for our children. In this particular year, however, you will have to explain to your child that this back to school will allow him to reconnect with good habits so as not to be too confused at the start of the next school year. Learn to pay attention again in class, Learn multiple Things like Rubiks Cube Solving, and Coding Course for kids  and rhythmic days again, do homework after school… so many habits to reclaim in order to limit difficulties at the start of the next school year!

Don’t put unnecessary pressure on your child

Above all, do not put any pressure on your child. The few weeks of confinement will certainly have turned his school year upside down but they have not ruined his schooling so do not panic! It would be counterproductive to put pressure on him and there is no doubt that your child will get back in the bath quickly, you will see it.

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In addition, it is important that you give back meaning to studies, especially with regard to older children who have more at stake at this stage of their schooling. Take the time to re-explain to your teen the value of learning and the fact that they are making all these efforts for themselves and not for their parents. Help him both to think about the goals he could set for the next school year but also to make the link between his desires for the future and the subjects taught. Giving meaning and setting goals is more important than ever to help your child get back in the saddle and stay motivated despite special circumstances!

By implementing these various tips, you will see that it will be easier to re-motivate your child and help him resume his good habits at this very special end of the school year. We are with you wholeheartedly and we wish you good luck for this final stretch before the holidays!