Augment your Data Science Career with Data Science Certification


Data Science is one of the most profitable career in the present day. Its value as a profession has increased multifold during the global crisis.


Understand this: The global pandemic was not just a health scare, it also brought the world economy to a standstill. With the dwindling economy, there were mass layoffs, job cuts, and even furloughs. However, at the same time, there was massive hiring by the tech companies and that’s where you need to showcase your data scientist skills and land yourself in a dream job in your favorite organization.

Data Science Certification and Your Data Science Career

Is there a connection? Yes, there is a connection and quite a solid one at that.

It is a given, certifications are a third-party validation of your skills that would help boost your career. Now add data science to the sentence and then read…Data Science Certifications would help you improve upon your data scientist skills and thus give a much-needed boost to your data science career.

The value of data science certification increased during the global pandemic when people were losing their jobs left, right, and center. While losing job is not a good news, the good news was that there was sudden hiring in the space of data science and companies were lapping up to the offer.

Result – Waterfall of supply with trickled salaries, bridged the demand-supply gap in the field of data science.

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But how do data science certifications help a candidate reach her full potential?  Here’s how…

  1. Data Science Certification helps the professional build upon your data scientist skills. The data scientist skills would not only help you get a better job but would also help you in cinching that coveted promotion you have been eyeing at.
  2. Data Science Certification would also help in boosting your data science career. With the data science certification on your portfolio, you could negotiate the salary and demand other perks that you might need.
  3. Your data science career also depends on your data scientist skills and that includes coding, programing languages and anything that is related to the field of data science.
  4. Data Science Certifications from reputed credentialing bodies like Data Science Council of America (DASCA), Coursera, Dell EMC offer state-of the-art knowledge that helps you stay focused in your career with the latest tools that you get to practice on ensures your recruiters and prospective employers that you are dedicated to your profession.
  5. The need for data science certification has also increased in the present day because of the global crisis and people being forced to sit at homes. This is where people are looking to upskill, reskill, and retrain themselves so that they remain relevant post the global crisis is long over.