Are Psychics & Mediums The Same Thing? Differences Between Psychics & Mediums


The words “psychic” and “medium” are sometimes used interchangeably, but these terms have different meanings. A psychic is someone who has a deep connection with intuition, while a medium can channel or connect across the boundary between life and death or other dimensions. Learn more about what sets the best psychics and mediums apart to help you choose the right type of reader and find out how to consult with the best psychics online.

What Is a Psychic?

A psychic is an individual who has a deep connection to intuition and spirit. In addition to innate gifts, psychics hone their abilities and techniques by doing readings. An expert psychic is a professional who specializes in one or more reading methods and topics. People seek out psychics for the purpose of readings, which are sessions of energetic exchange oriented toward providing insight.

Some of the most common psychic tarot reading topics include love, career and life paths. Psychics can shed light on the energetic forces at work in relationships and identify internal and external obstacles that stand in the way of individuals manifesting their manifesting dreams or goals. Most psychics work based on queries posed by querents and also intuit information about querents.

What Is a Medium?

A medium is a type of psychic who specializes in connecting the living with the dead. These psychics work by aligning their energetic vibrations with the frequencies of the spirit world. Mediums can help querents contact relatives who have recently passed or forge connections with long-lost ancestors across time.

Mediums differ from psychics who provide channeling services. Channeling involves embodying the spirit of a person who has died. This ability involves an even more powerful energetic connection, during which the psychic doing the reading may be conscious or unconscious. If you just want to communicate indirectly with someone who has died, a medium has the ability you need. If you want to communicate directly, you should seek out a psychic who is capable of channeling.

What Is a Reading?

People tend to seek out psychics when they have questions or feel a need for insight. In this position, they are querants. During most readings, psychics start by listening to querents’ questions or descriptions before offering insight obtained through intuition, divination or other abilities.

There are no wrong questions or approaches to take when communicating with a psychic. Most experts recommend meditating on a dilemma in advance of scheduling a reading. It is also possible to do a cold reading that involves no direction on the part of a querent. While cold readings may not be as directed, these sessions could reveal insight that transcends the querent’s present state of mind.

A querent seeking intuitive wisdom may gain insight by scheduling a psychic reading. Not every psychic is a medium who can communicate between living querents and souls in the afterlife or reach out to other living people to intuit their emotions and act as an empath. Most mediums are considered psychics, but mediums are just one of the many types of psychic readers.