A New Learning Curve is Assured on Using the Best Animation Apps


Animation work in the majority is done with serious software. Independent animators are making smaller apps that make life easier. It also helps the process of creating larger apps. Here are a few best animation apps that will be of immense use in the production stages.


It is a scriptwriting app working on all the devices, iOS, and desktop. This app syncs beautifully online and allows you switching between devices as and when one wishes.


It is an app available on iOS as the best drawing app. It offers a great result and comes with different types of brushes. It has a cool physical pencil recently released and it works on the program that it is fun to use. It appears very much the same as you are drawing with your fingers. This app is very good to design a character and is also fun to draw on-the-go, while there is no need to carry a canvas.

Animation Desk

It is one of the best animation apps suitable for iOS. Animation Desk app offers cool results, though it is not completely user-friendly. It is a suitable replacement for a desktop serious animation software. Animation Desk app is suitable to play around with different ideas and is fun.


Evernote is suitable for any working professional. It is not focused to use only by an animator. It is good for short film producers. They can keep track of the ideas and notes they have. Thus, while getting into the real stages of production it allows you to work on different aspects and to keep track. Evernote is the best app working as the ideal tool.


Kuler is a color planner app available online. It is by Adobe and is an ideal free tool that artists should be familiar with. It also works suitably as the best photo collage app.

Animation software need not always be expensive. There are free animation programs and apps that will be loved by professionals. A few of them are:

Synfig Studio

It is an animation app that is feature-rich and can be downloaded for free. Apart from the drawing tools, there are shape tools, onion skinning, and keyframes. Synfig allows you to create vector animation and bitmap. It offers advanced features to take a learning curve.

This application appends keyframes automatically. This helps the workflow to be smooth and the users can use the stylus and tablet with ease. There are pro features that include Synfig supporting your drawings shade, you can use a grid, manipulate vector lines, and choose from many varieties. Synfig handles animation software as a great app.


Blender is a 3D animator available for free. It is a choice of studio artists, video game developers, scientists, and other professionals using it. It is open-source software that has emerged now as a sophisticated app. Thsi is a on of the best animation apps.

Beginners also find this app to be unintuitive and it is easy to understand the features, offering a new learning curve. Blender works on all the operating systems and major platforms, making it the best photo collage app. You can enjoy a good performance and smoother workflow if you have OpenGL support.