A Complete Guide: Management of your Cables Accessories

Cable Management Accessories

The advancement of technology has facilitated the life of human beings on the one hand. On the other hand, it has exposed them to the hassle of managing their cables and connection. Be it the homes, work stations, offices, server rooms, or data centers; the floor is always filled with mess and piles of cables that need attention and management.

Although wireless technology and gadgets are increasingly becoming popular in developed countries like the United Arab Emirates, cables cannot vanish from our lives sometime soon. Managing the cables is a hassle, but ignoring it can damage the cable and impact the speed and quality of the network. So, paying attention to it is crucial, and cable management accessories are proving life saviors.

Keep scrolling down this article to explore a brief guide about cable management accessories.

Top 7 Accessories to Manage Your Cables Efficiently

Cable management needs proper planning, preparation and implementation. You cannot just bind all the cables in a bundle and enjoy your achievement of reducing the mess. There are various cable management accessories available in the market that are suitable for different types of cables and settings.

Here are the top accessories to manage your cables efficiently and enjoy a smooth and high-quality network.

1. Cable Ties

Cable ties are one of the most commonly used cable management accessories, which are also termed as wire ties or tie wrap. They are used to wrap the cables and align them so they are not dispersed in the whole place. Most commonly available and used cable ties include the following types:

  • Nylon cable ties
  • Colored cable ties
  • Metal cable ties
  • Eyelet cable ties
  • Beaded cable ties
  • Releasable cable ties
  • Non-releasable cable ties

However, tying the cables too strongly can damage them. Most people acquire the help of structured cabling UAE based companies to ensure their cables are properly managed and are not tied tight enough to get damaged.

2. Cable Lacing Bars

Cable lacing bars are among the most commonly used cable management accessory. They are mostly used to manage and hold the piles or strands of horizontal cables. They are considered most effective as they reduce strain on the patch panel or device holding the horizontal cables.

Here are the most common types of cable lacings bars from which you can choose according to your requirement:

  • Square lacer bars
  • L-shaped lacer bars
  • Round lacer bars
  • 90-degree bend lacer bars
  • Horizontal lacer panel
  • Round lacer bars with offset

3. Wire Loom

Wire loom is another commonly used cable management accessory, which is used in a variety of settings. The wire looms are like conduits. The network or even electric cables can be put in the wire looms to reduce disorganization and mess. Wire looms can save cables from fire hazards and equipment failure.

Some of the commonly used types of wire loom include the following:

  • Flame retardant polyethylene wire loom
  • Chrome wire loom
  • Black non-split wire loom
  • Colored wire loom
  • Nylon split wire loom

4. Racks

Racks are among one of the essential cable management accessories for the data centers and server rooms. Such areas include a variety of equipment, according to various network needs. The racks make the storage and organization of cables, along with other devices, much easier and comfortable.

The following are different types of racks from which you can opt according to your requirement:

  • Rack enclosures
  • Open frame racks
  • Wall mount rack

5. Server Cabinets

One of the most important cable management accessories is the server cabinet. The server room has specific and advanced needs that other accessories might not fulfill. So the server cabinets are specifically designed to meet the advanced needs of server rooms and other such settings.

Some of the commonly used sever cabinets include the following;

  • Seismic server racks
  • Quiet & soundproof server cabinets
  • Air-conditioned server cabinets

6. Cable Manager & Wire Duct

Cable managers or wire ducts are also among the most important and useful cable management accessories. This type of accessory also helps in tying the cables and ensuring proper organization.

Here are some of the most common types of cable managers and wire ducts you can use.

  • Finger duct
  • D-rings
  • Brushed slots
  • Telephone line

7. Rack/Cabinet Shelves

In data centers and server rooms, there are too many cables and devices that require proper management. Rack and cabinet shelves are among the most important cable management accessories that can give a clean and organized look to server rooms and data centers. However, you have to be careful about the technical details. If you are not much aware of them, it is better to get structured cabling UAE based companies on board and let professionals ensure proper management and organization with the help of accessories.

Manage cables efficiently and enjoy better connectivity!

Now that you are aware of different types of cable management accessories, you can utilize them to better organize your cables. However, if you are not aware of the technical details, you might only damage your cables and add loss. So, instead of experimenting on your own, contact the professionals and let them handle your connection installation and management efficiently.