A Checklist For Home Maintenance During Summer Vacation


With the arrival of the summer season, you should look out for different ways to uplift the visual appeal and décor of your house. During summer vacation, your kids will be at home and you can ask for their help.

You should create a plan, implement it and improve the condition of your house. You should make a full-proof plan and implement it precisely to make your home look perfect. Read the below-given checklist to find out what kind of improvement tasks you need to implement.

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1. Gutters and Downspouts

Usually, homeowners forget to pay attention to the gutters and downspouts. You should ensure that the drainage system is properly working and there is no blockage in it. The plugged downspouts and gutters can lead to the bad performance of the system and rainwater will not be able to properly drain out.

Ultimately, it will lead to a leaky roof and cracked walls. If you fail to do maintenance of the roof gutter and drainage system, then it will affect the structural integrity of your house. Your home will suffer costly and extensive repair. You must include this maintenance work in the summer home improvement project.

2. Wooden Decks

Maintenance of wooden decks in your house is highly important to protect your investment and increase the durability of these decks. If you have good knowledge of wooden decks, then you can choose DIY. Otherwise, you should call professionals who can thoroughly inspect the performance of the furnace and plumbing.

You should do a room-by-room thorough inspection. You should properly check ceilings, floors, walls to find water damage or pest infestation. While doing the inspection, it is important to do it with complete attention.

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3. Air Conditioning Maintenance

Maintenance of appliances in your home is equally important, especially the air conditioning unit during the summer season. If you do not want to ruin the summer holidays of your kids, then do maintenance of your AC.

If you have good experience and knowledge of AC maintenance and repair, then you can choose to DIY. Otherwise, you should call the professionals to complete the maintenance work. We recommend you to call experienced and reputable professionals such as air conditioning Sydney contractors.

4. Thorough Cleaning

Though we do regular cleaning of the house, it is imperative to do a thorough cleaning of the house. During the summer vacation, you can take the help of your kids in thorough home cleaning chores.

While doing thorough home cleaning, you should start from the ceiling. After that clean the walls, and finally, clean the floor. Rearrange home furniture in a new and appealing way to refresh the home décor of your house.

5. Cleaning Of Yard

When it comes to home maintenance, then you should not just pay attention to the indoor of your house. The good first impression of the house is based on the outdoor visual appeal of the property. Therefore, you should remove the dead leaves and branches from the yard to make it look clean and well-organized.

After that, you should give power wash to the driveway, deck, patio, and walkways. Cleaning the yard is a big task and it needs the help of the family member. Therefore, summer vacation is the perfect time to schedule outdoor home maintenance.

6. Outdoor Lighting Fixtures

While doing outdoor maintenance, you should not forget to take care of the lighting fixture in your house. Check all outdoor lighting fixtures and make sure that they are properly working. If they are not working, then replace them with the new one.

By installing the new lighting fixture, you can ensure that your yard will look beautiful even at night. Summer is the perfect time for spending your evening outdoor. By installing new outdoor lights, you can safely enjoy summer evenings with your family in your yard.

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7. Repair and Installation Work

When it is time for property maintenance, then you should check that everything is in the right shape. If anything needs repair, then do it now. If repair is not possible, then replace it with a new one. Along with the repair, you should also consider investing in new technology appliances in your house such as ducted air conditioning.

It is one of the good investments because it will help in maintaining optimum ambiance in your entire house. To install this new technology AC, you should call only trained and experienced professionals such as ducted air conditioning Sydney contractors.


Home maintenance and cleaning task are very difficult. To do it easily without any hassle, you should take the help of family members during the summer vacation. To maintain the structural strength and increase the lifespan of the property, you should do regular maintenance.  Consider the above-mentioned tips while doing maintenance of the house.

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