A Beginner’s Guide to Proper EMF Protection


Our modern lives are chock full of electronic devices.

Over 5.27 billion people have a mobile phone on their person at any time.

We know that electronic devices generate an electric and magnetic field (EMF) wherever they are present. Some people report symptoms like dizziness, confusion, headaches, and difficulty sleeping when near high levels of EMF radiation.

If you feel that you may be experiencing the ill effects of living in a high radiation environment, you need to learn about the best way to protect yourself from EMF.

Read on to find out about the best EMF protection and how you can help keep you and your family safe.

Get An EMF Detector

EMf radiation is invisible. The best EMF protection for your home is to understand where the highest levels of radiation are present. Then you can take steps to protect yourself.

Many EMF detectors/meters are pocket-sized and portable. They will sound an alarm when EMF radiation hits a certain level. You can get an EMF meter that will work on both low and high frequencies so that you can detect radiation from all kinds of electronic devices.

Invest In EMF Paint

If you want the best whole house EMF protection, you need to invest in some EMF paint. This paint can help block EMF waves from passing through the walls of your house into different rooms.

The paint is usually black due to the high level of EMF blocking carbon particles. However, you can paint over it in a couple of coats with another color and still benefit from the signal blocking ability of the undercoat.

Use EMF Shielded Fabrics

Much of the EMF radiation comes in through our windows designed to let light waves pass through easily. You can counter this by covering your windows with EMF shielded fabrics.

Each fabric will block a different type of radiation wave, so it is important to review what frequencies you want to block before purchasing the fabrics.

You can use EMF fabrics to make curtains or even bed covers to help keep you protected at night and get a better quality of sleep.

Wear EMF Protective Clothing

It is more difficult to protect yourself when you are outside of your own home. EMF radiation is everywhere, from cell towers to electricity pylons and other people’s mobile phones. It can be difficult to escape the effects.

However, one of the best EMF protection devices you can buy is actually shielded clothing. You can buy hats, t-shirts, and trousers, all with built-in EMF shielding in the fabric. This will help to keep you safe from radiation when you are outside the safety of your own home.

You can also buy a shielded case for your own cell phone so that you can make and receive calls and texts safely. You no longer have to worry about the radiation in your own pocket.

Get The Best EMF Protection

It is important to take action if you feel that you are suffering the effects of EMF waves. Find the best EMF protection for your home and create a haven where you can take respite from the radiation from our modern world.

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