6 things that stop you from ranking higher in Google


Ranking higher in Google search results has turned into a vital part of every online business. Search Engine Optimisation or SEO helps us rank higher in search results.

Spend time on building high-quality and trustworthy backlinks, and write unique content for your website. To rank high in Google you must follow some guidelines. The things below will stop you from ranking high in Google that should be immediately fixed.

Outdated content

Google highly appreciates fresh and well-written content that will answer users’ questions. If you have just created a website for your business, try to create meaningful, unique, and be up to date content.

If you own a website that its age goes beyond a year or two, go to the Search console and pick a one-year period of time to compare your working process and also your content ranking in Google.

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Among those all, you will see some pages that were quite successful and would bring much traffic to your page but after a while, they started a downward trend. Should you delete all that content? Of course not. Updating and refreshing those pages will be a great option for you. If you think you can’t manage to do it, no problem! Trust Content Marketing Services to do it for you. Google admires your website and content if you update them after a while.

Thin content

About some years ago, having content was more important than its word count. That time is gone now.

Thin content is whatever that doesn’t offer any genuine benefit to anyone who is visiting your site. It has been created just for the sake of SEO purposes. It is simply there to attract clicks. Moreover, Thin content is the kind of article or page that word count does not go beyond 500 words. But, why is the word count so important? It is all about the information.

When you are writing an article for your web page, and if you are an IT manager, you cannot explain Information and Technology and its benefits in 500 or less. So, Google is right to underestimate these types of blogs and articles.

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“Content is king”. This is a valuable quote from Bill Gates that indicates the efficiency of good content to be on your page.

Note: having a blog or page containing less than 500 words is not bad if you possess a news blog or you just want to answer people’s queries.

2nd note: do not spam your content, stick to the topic, and do not give unnecessary information just to keep your text longer.

Duplicate content

This type of content is neither penalized by Google nor ranked over original content. By this means, that content will be something useless to your page. Creating new unique content on new issues is way better than these types of content.

Duplicate content is not just copying word by word from somewhere else, it is also about your topics. Try to choose special niches and topics to write about. The more special your content is, the more valuable it is on Google.

Irrelevant ads

Having ads on your website is a way of making money using your page, but having too many of them can be problematic. Ads will lower your page speed and distract viewers. Your page speed plays a crucial role in creating a good user experience.

But, how will ads distract the viewers? Imagine you are reading something on a page and all of a sudden, something pops up and interrupts you or the blog is surrounded by ads which makes reading hard for you.

Note: Of course ads are a great way to introduce yourself to others, but this is a temporary way. For permanent and stable results, use SEO Service Melbourne. This will help you to grow your income and expand your business online.

Irrelevant internal linking

Everyone knows that internal linking is important but when you overdo it on your web pages, it will lose the real value and also harm the SEO of your site. When there is a link in an article or blog post, people expect it to be relevant to the content they are reading.

Do not spam links, do not place so many anchors in the content. Usually, 3 internal links are suitable. Try not to place more than 3 but if you think that you can add more internal links that fit other pages, do it with no fear. Just do not spam!

Spammy backlinks

Spam backlinks are links from low-quality or spam websites. Spam sites are full of unwanted pop-ups, low-quality backlinks, and ads. In this way, you give them a backlink and in return, you get a backlink. This is a kind of link exchange that is not usually praised. You should be only linking to pages that make sense.

Note: Exchanging links is not bad at all. But when you link to a PBN site or a site that is not relevant to your page, you cannot expect those links to work for you. Those links because of their low quality will harm your page.

Exchanging links is considered good when both sites are relevant to each other and neither of the pages is PBN.