5 Ways to Prevent Cracked Tooth


A cracked tooth can be a major concern or a minor issue as it counts on different factors, such as severity, location, and cause. People should take notice if they feel any discomfort. It is often difficult to check which tooth is causing discomfort. The best dentists in Karachi take an in-depth look to find the severity and location of the cracked tooth.

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Here are some ways to prevent cracked teeth.

Learn How Your Teeth Function

A tooth consists of the different layers that support the overall function of the teeth. Enamel is the outermost layer of the tooth that protects it. Studies have revealed that enamel is harder than bone. It protects your teeth from external damage and stops bacteria from entering. When a crack develops in the enamel, it will make your teeth more vulnerable to other teeth issues.

Keep the Strength of Your Enamel

We do not think while doing different things with our teeth. Do you know that intake of beverages and acidic foods can damage your enamel? Excessive intake of soda may also lead to a cracked tooth. People who grind their teeth are also at high risk of developing cracks in their teeth. One of the main reasons for the weak enamel is the teeth grinding that you need to avoid. Share such a habit with your dentist. Cavities are also the cause of the cracked tooth. You should not wait once you suspect that you have a cavity.

Be careful while chewing your food

The mouth does exert pressure when you chew your food. During such force, it might be possible that you may experience a cracked tooth or can develop any other teeth-related issue. When you eat your food, chew slowly and maintain your mouth pressure.

Experts suggest avoiding biting on hard foods. If I share my own experience, I used to open the coke bottle using my teeth that caused cracked teeth and led to tooth loss. You need to understand what kind of effort your teeth can make and what is the main function of the teeth. If you have a habit of biting on pencils or pens, avoid it or it can develop a crack by weakening your enamel.

Tooth Sensitivity – An indication

Sometimes, you need to understand the signals that can show red flags. Tooth sensitivity is an indication that you may experience a crack tooth. Regular hygiene checkups can help you to discover whether you have a small crack or you need an instant solution to protect your enamel. Sensitivity is the way to learn how your hygiene is healthy.

Regular Hygiene Checkups

Early intervention helps a lot as it stops further loss and allows you to get treatment early. Multiple solutions can protect your teeth from original tooth loss. The longer you will wait, the longer you need to wait for recovery. When the tooth issue is left untreated, you may lose your teeth or have only a few tooth treatment options.

Healthy Lifestyle Choices to Keep Your Teeth and Gums Healthy

Good oral hygiene is crucial to keep chewing the food, and of course to smile. Here are some effective tips to keep gums and teeth healthy.

● Use fluoride as it prevents cavities and is mostly used in toothpaste and mouthwash.
● Do not forget to floss your teeth once a day because it removes the bacteria and plaque between the teeth. Such bacteria also cause bad breath with debris and remaining food particles.
● Avoid smoking as it affects your body and your teeth. One of the main causes of gum disease is the smoking habit that also produces bad breath.
● Use a mouthwash because it benefits oral health. It contains chlorhexidine that controls plaque and gingivitis.
● Limit the intake of sugary drinks and count calories that you intake.
● Drink water after eating your water as it will prevent cavities.

Final Thought

Learning about what you should bite on and how to chew food carefully can minimize the risk of a cracked tooth. When you feel sensitivity, visit your doctor for a complete oral checkup.