5 Tips for Better Brand Identity

Brand Identity

What comes to our mind when we first think of famous brands like Apple, Nike, Coca-Cola, McDonald’s or Ford? Most probably their logos or their well-known taglines, right? Raymond’s “The Complete Man” or Mc Donald’s “I’m Lovin’ It” is a tagline that almost everyone knows. Essentially, a brand identity is how people identify your brand; the brand logo, the tagline, the brand name and all the other visual elements make up the brand identity.  How is your brand perceived among the public largely depends upon the brand identity? It is not an overstatement to say that the whole branding thing is based on brand identity.

Brand identity determines the image that comes into the minds of the customers when they think of your brand. You obviously want everyone to have a positive image of your brand. For this, you have to build a strong and powerful brand identity. Here are some tips that can help you improve your brand’s connection with the people.

Brand Identity

1. Understanding your Vision

Do you clearly know what your brand stands for? Understanding the purpose, mission and vision of your brand is very important while creating a brand identity. Not just in brand identity, but it is important in almost all respects as far as your brand is concerned. Consider some questions such as what makes your brand distinct from the rest, what qualities are you promising to deliver etc. Once you understand this, you have to inculcate this vision in your brand name, tagline, company profile powerpoint presentations, logo and other things.

2. Knowing Who is Your Target Audience

If your brand specializes in toys, you have to create a brand identity that allures the kids. For instance, you can use bright colours in your logo, or your brand name can be named after a character from kids’ movies and so on. If your brand is about men’s clothes, using sober colours or the image of a well-knit shirt in the logo makes sense. Knowing the interests of your target audience is always helpful in growing your business. Make sure the design is unique, easy to remember, flexible, unified and complements the taste of your customers.

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3. Consistency is the Key

Being consistent in making your brand a part of people’s lives can be challenging. Most brands fail at it. You have to consistently consider negative comments about your brand identity. You have to have different channels (social media, company website with your brand’s name as the domain, blogs) through which you can post stuff about your brand regularly. You can use company profile powerpoint presentations to showcase and strengthen your brand identity.

4. Originality Sells!

Avoid imitating another brand’s design and try to come up with one on your own. Is your brand identity lacking originality? If yes, then chances are that your brand will not form a strong customer base as they are unable to distinguish between your brand and your rival’s. Be as authentic as possible when it comes to creating a brand identity.

5. Rectify your Mistakes

Don’t be scared to change, evolve and grow. You must have noticed how world-famous brands like Coca Cola and Starbucks have evolved over the years. If you feel like your brand identity has errors and you are not able to optimize it yourself, seeking expert advice can help. Graphic designers or designing experts can offer potential solutions that you could never think of.  In this era of expertise, there is no harm in going to an expert to change what does not suit your brand’s values.