5 Businesses That Benefits With Digital Address Verification Solutions


In this modern and rapidly evolving world, businesses are competing with each other at a rapid pace to become a well-known organization around the globe. No one is evolving in the business market to waste their time and money. Few typos are enough to mess up the whole address verification of the clients. According to the study, 30% of online sales, with the amount of 123.9 billion were returning in the past couple of years. 

Considering this issue, businesses are integrating themselves with such products that provide accurate and efficient services of digital address verification solutions. The customer’s address is matched against the authoritative database. With the help of artificial intelligence, the accurate address suggests to the user in a dropdown menu to combat human typing errors. Technologies are intelligent enough that users don’t have to enter the address repetitively on the same website, which reduces the risk of typos.  

Online Brands

In this interconnected digital world, people are running their online brands on independently hosting websites, where they deliver their parcels directly to their customers. Acquiring AI-based address validation solutions is mandatory for such independent businesses and reduces the risk of unnecessary parcel returns. Address validation checks are performing on the address providing by the customer to avoiding unnecessary wastage of time and money. 

E-commerce Platforms

The E-commerce industry is the most trendy industry around the globe. People are establishing online stores. Adopting AI-based identity verification services. To manage their customers, and order inventory, and making the running of online businesses easier. The number of returned shipments is reducing by adopting a digital address verification system. In this way, the customer’s experience is enhancing, and businesses control and reduce the wastage of time and money.    

Anyone Who Needs Parsing

Products that are integrating with up and running businesses can parse and validate addresses. Used address validation solutions through natural language processes (NLP). The process includes the conversion of raw address information involving valid. Official addresses by the united state postal service and other domestic and global carriers a wedding invitation, submit handwritten address information. In these sorts of situations, the sender is using unvalidated and raw. Mailing addresses that need parsing to reduce cost returns.  

Vacation Rental And Home-Share Services

The evident rise in the sharing economy has boosted the evolving usage of address validation solutions in home-share services. Vacation rental and other related platforms use the service of digital address verification. To pinpoint the location of residence submitted by every new client. Address validation plays a crucial role to ensure that information is communicating accurately between merchant and client.

Background Check Firms

Financial services companies can benefit from acquiring digital address verification tools. Mainly these businesses involve the personal information of the client. Including his official and personal residential address to run the credit card and perform background checks. Companies choose to integrate themselves using address validation solutions. 


The rising rate of fraudulent activities led the organizations to develop robust mechanisms to arm themselves with security features. The service of online address validation plays a vital role in businesses to prevent the wastage of time and money. There exist various products that provide AI-based address verification services to a wide range of businesses i.e e-commerce industries, online brands, third-party logistics companies. Home-share services, and vacation rental services, background check firms, and anyone who needs parsing.