10 things that you can do to improve your website SEO ranking


As a business owner or a website holder, you might have heard a lot of buzz about SEO. Well, experts call it a magical word. But do you know what exactly SEO is? Well, search engine optimization is? It is how well your website performs on Google and impresses it enough to bring lots of organic traffic towards your site. And believe us, there is more to SEO strategy than only black linking your site to a particular website or fitting in approximate keywords in your Content. And as we assume, you are interested in bringing your website to the top pages of Google. Well, to do so, either hire a good agency that provides SEO services or follow these ten mandatory steps and see the magic happen!

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  1. Create great Content – To say Content is the king in SEO might be an understatement. It’s the entire empire. Ensure that your empire is worth noticing and has everything captivating in it like tips, tricks, helpful hacks, influential facts and so on.
  1. Well researched data – Say you provide some valuable content to your audiences. But if these are incorrect, you automatically lose the trust of your viewers. Ensure that doesn’t happen if you want lots of faith from your viewers and attract them more.
  1. Mobile-friendly website – Believe it not, many audiences surfing your site prefer mobiles. So, if your website is only desktop friendly, you lose a lot of attraction here as well.
  1. Fascinating images – Pictures speak louder than words, heard this? Well, time to implement this strategy for your website! Give your viewers the feast for eyes, and see them clinging to your page like bees to honey. 
  1. Use social media channels – If your website is a diamond, then social media channels are the exhibitions that help you sell this diamond! So be sure to use it wisely. Again, produce useful, mind-blowing and relatable Content here to grab the eyeballs of your viewers and turn them towards your website. (You can hire SEO services that help you in digital marketing.)
  1. Be original – Don’t be a copycat, said your teacher during your school days, and even the SEO experts tell you the same! If you don’t want Google to penalize your site and remove it from the dominating first pages, then ensure you are not using any plagiarized content in your website.
  1. Use keywords wisely – Keywords make your target audience head towards your website faster than anything else. If fitted well wisely, in context to your Content in your website, they can make lots of people click on your website in no time. 
  1. Backlinks are essential, too – References always have a great source to bring a lot of exposure to any source. Well, it works in SEO also! If you are lucky enough to get do-follow links from reliable and related sites, then just wait for the approach from your customers. And if you are providing them, ensure you know the gaps between the no follow and do follow backlinks!
  1. Concentrate on your Content’s readability scores – Even if your target audience is well-educated, they don’t want to have to understand a PhD dissertation every time they visit your website and read your material. You don’t want people to click away from your piece of content because it’s too difficult to understand. Making your material simple to read and understand will help your readers find it more useful. According to some analysts, Google considers readability when ranking web pages.
  1.  The page load speed – Does your website take too long to load? Then you just can’t see it growing fast. Ensure that you create a user-friendly website that shows no problems while opening and loads quickly. 

Want to see your website statistics boom? Try these tips or contact reliable SEO services and thank us later!